Published On: May 13, 2024

TCL Launches New QD-Mini LED TVs, Including The Giant 115-Inch TCL QM89

Published On: May 13, 2024
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TCL Launches New QD-Mini LED TVs, Including The Giant 115-Inch TCL QM89

TCL debuts its advanced QD-Mini LED TVs, along with the colossal 115-inch TCL QM89, featuring state-of-the-art optical technologies and powerful processing for stunning, lifelike imagery.

TCL Launches New QD-Mini LED TVs, Including The Giant 115-Inch TCL QM89

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TCL has officially launched its latest lineup of premium QD-Mini LED TVs, introducing cutting-edge technology and unparalleled visual experiences to the market. Building on its pioneering work in Mini LED technology, TCL introduces the advanced QD-Mini LED in its QM7 and QM8 series, along with the world's largest QD-Mini LED TV in an impressive 115” screen size, the TCL QM89.

TCL’s QD-Mini LED TVs set themselves apart from conventional Mini LED displays through a fusion of cutting-edge optical technologies and premium performance. With over 5,000 dimming zones and up to 5,000 Peak Nits brightness, these TVs promise to deliver stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and vibrancy. The inclusion of QLED ULTRA technology should ensure a color gamut of over 97% DCI-P3 and 100% color volume, promising true-to-life color reproduction.

However, the true magic lies in TCL’s attention to detail in both optical design and processing. By integrating self-developed Optical Technology with advanced AiPQ Pro and ULTRA Processing, TCL ensures precise dimming control and pristine image processing. According to the company, the result is a viewing experience characterized by vivid imagery, deep blacks, and dynamic highlights, all while maintaining unparalleled accuracy across various room environments.

TCL QM89 Q Class 115-inch QD-Mini LED TV.

Central to TCL’s innovation is its state-of-the-art Pangu Laboratory, the world’s first full-process Mini LED development center. Here, TCL undertakes every aspect of QD-Mini LED technology development, from conceptualization to small-scale trial production. The laboratory’s comprehensive capabilities enable TCL to pioneer industry-leading optical technologies, including the advanced HEXA Mini LED Chip, UWA Optical Lens, and ODR LED Technology.

“With our incredible Pangu Development Lab, TCL continues to invest, and lead the way, in Mini LED advancement,” said Scott Ramirez, Vice President, Product Marketing and Development, TCL. 

“We have been telling everyone that ‘All Mini LED is not created equal’ and QD-Mini LED dynamic performance will prove that. By combining optical advancements such as TCL’s HEXA LED Chip, UWA Lens, and ODR LED technology, with our next generation of TCL AiPQ Processing, QD-Mini LED sets itself apart from standard Mini LED.” 

“With brighter specular highlights for optimum HDR impact, amazing shadow detail, no worries about possible burn-in or after image, and a level of affordability that allows our consumers to simply get more, QD-Mini LED becomes the ‘Ultimate Choice’ in TV, when compared to other Mini LED TV, or OLED TV.”


The QD-Mini LED lineup offers consumers a diverse range of options to suit their preferences and spaces. The QM7 series, available in sizes ranging from 55” to 98”, provides an accessible entry point into the world of premium home entertainment. Meanwhile, the QM8 series, boasting sizes from 65” to 98”, caters to those seeking the ultimate viewing experience with enhanced features and performance.

Pricing and availability details for TCL's QD-Mini LED TVs are as follows:

TCL QM7 Series:

  • 55" model (55QM751G) - $1099.99 MSRP
  • 65" model (65QM751G) - $1499.99 MSRP
  • 75" model (75QM751G) - $1999.99 MSRP
  • 85" model (85QM751G) - $2699.99 MSRP
  • 98" model (98QM751G) - $6999.99 MSRP

TCL QM8 Series:

  • 65" model (65QM851G) - $1999.99 MSRP
  • 75" model (75QM851G) - $2699.99 MSRP
  • 85" model (85QM851G) - $3999.99 MSRP
  • 98" model (98QM851G) - $7999.99 MSRP

Undoubtedly stealing the spotlight is the monumental 115” Q Class TCL QM89 TV, unveiled at CES 2024. Featuring an unprecedented 20,000 dimming zones and powered by the formidable AiPQ ULTRA Processor, this behemoth delivers cinematic brilliance on a remarkable scale. Accompanied by an Onkyo 6.2.2 channel speaker system, the QM89 promises an immersive audiovisual journey.

Front view of the TCL QM89 115-inch QD-Mini LED TV.

“If you want the best choice for a stunning and impactful TV in your family room, get the 98” QM8. However, if you have a dedicated theater room, the 115” QM89 will create the ultimate home theater,” said Scott Ramirez, Vice President, Product Marketing and Development, TCL. 

“There is simply nothing that can compete with the size and picture quality of the new TCL 115” QM89. With a mega-size screen, advanced QD-Mini LED optics, an incredible 20,000 dimming zones, up to 5,000 nits peak, the advanced TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor, and now custom install capability, the 115” QM89 truly stands alone, and will never fail to impress.” 

TCL QM89 115-Inch Q Class Key Features: 

  • QD-Mini LED ULTRA with 20,000 dimming zones
  • High Brightness ULTIMATE LED backlight with up to 5,000 peak nits
  • QLED ULTRA for a higher color gamut with more accurate color
  • Anti-Glare screen
  • TCL AiPQ ULTRA Processor for huge, yet pristine images
  • Onkyo 6.2.2 multi-channel speaker system
  • NEXTGEN TV & Wi-Fi 6
  • Custom install capability

The flagship 115-inch TCL QM89 TV (115QM891G) will be available soon for $26,999.99 MSRP, while all other TCL QD-Mini LED TVs are now available at major retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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