Published On: September 29, 2020

TCL's New Alto Soundbars: Something for Everyone at Affordable Prices

Published On: September 29, 2020
Last Updated on: November 1, 2020
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TCL's New Alto Soundbars: Something for Everyone at Affordable Prices

TCL has introduced a feature-laden yet affordable lineup of new Alto soundbars, including the flagship Alto 9+

TCL's New Alto Soundbars: Something for Everyone at Affordable Prices

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TCL has announced its new lineup of five soundbars, all of which incorporate Bluetooth for music streaming. Four of the five also are Roku TV Ready for easier setup with TCL and other TVs that use Roku's operating system.

The Alto 9+ is the lineup's flagship, a 3.1-channel, Dolby Atmos soundbar equipped with TCL's RAY·DANZ acoustic technology and dedicated center channel speaker for enhanced dialogue clarity. The Alto 9+ is available now and retails for $299.

Also equipped with Dolby Atmos, the $179 Alto 8i has a built-in subwoofer. Both the Alto 9+ and the Alto 8i are recommended for 55-inch or larger TVs.

The Alto 6+ and 6 both have Dolby Audio, are recommended for 44-inch or larger TVs, and retail for $129 and $79, respectively. The Alto 3, which retails for just $59, is optimized for smaller spaces and 32-inch or larger TVs, and it also has Dolby Digital decoding. See the press release below for availability dates.

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Find out more about the new soundbars below:

TCL, one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics brands and leading technology companies, today announced the addition of five new models to its TCL Alto Sound Bar line. The expanded audio portfolio will be crowned by TCL's premium Alto 9+ Sound Bar, which debuted at CES 2020 showcasing its immersive cinematic experience. Empowering viewers to Enjoy More from their home entertainment systems, TCL's innovative Alto portfolio of products pushes the limits of what sound bars are capable of and complements its award-winning TVs.

TCL's newest sound bars -- the Alto 9+, Alto 8i, Alto 6/6+, and the Alto 3 -- enhance its current home theater lineup and will deliver unique functionality for an elevated entertainment experience with stunning audio quality. With 20 years of experience in building products for major audio and smart speaker brands along with a dedicated team of audio engineers and R&D facilities, TCL has invested extensive research, development and passion into the making of its latest sound bar solutions.

"TCL is excited to build on the first-generation of Alto products by leveraging its strong capabilities in audio and vertical integration to deliver superior sound that exceeds standards in the market. The brand has always been dedicated to improving people's lives with joy and simplicity and that formula has built a strong foundation for our TV business. We aim to carry that same success over to the audio side with a seamless user experience and incredible value," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. "Utilizing the best and latest technologies like RAY·DANZ, for cinematic sound, and Roku TV Ready, for smoother setup, as well as compatibility with smart home devices like Google Assistant and Airplay, the Alto 9+ will provide entertainment immersion that's easy to use."

With the exception of Alto 3, the new TCL sound bars will be Roku TV Ready certified to give users added confidence when seeking an audio upgrade experience. Audio products featuring the Roku TV Ready badge have been verified to work seamlessly with Roku TV. Users will enjoy a smoother setup, easy access to sound settings, and compatibility with their Roku TV remote when adding a compatible TCL Alto product to their home entertainment setup.

Entertainment can be enjoyed even more with three distinct listening modes on all Alto models - Movie, Music, and TV. The Movie mode allows viewers to hear the dialogue with precise clarity and feel the impact of punches or explosions in intense action scenes. Music mode enables the sound of instruments, vocals, and bass to come through with pristine accuracy. And TV mode isolates ambient sound from speech, so focus remains on the content without distractions from background noise. When not watching television, Alto sound bar owners can stream all their favorite music and podcasts from apps like Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and more, wirelessly from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with Bluetooth wireless technology.

TCL ALTO 9+ Sound Bar: Cinematic Sound. Endless Entertainment.

The Alto 9+ is the first sound bar with TCL's innovative RAY·DANZ technology, which features uniquely angled speakers that beam sound waves towards reflector units to create an incredibly immersive, ultra-wide soundstage. The premium Alto 9+ sets itself apart from the competition with sleek design and a larger optimal listening area compared to mainstream sound bars, without compromising clarity or acoustic accuracy. The unique RAY·DANZ acoustic engineering offers arrangements that are typically reserved for high-end home theater systems and provides a dedicated center channel that's been tuned for optimal clarity. The Alto 9+ also delivers clear dialogue and powerful bass thanks to the built-in center channel and wireless subwoofer.

The outstanding performance of the TCL Alto 9+ 3.1 channel sound bar can even be extended with Dolby Atmos virtual height channels to simulate overhead sounds. Ultimately, this creates a 360-degree surround sound experience without requiring extra upward-firing drivers, bringing multi-dimensional sound that delivers depth and excitement for a more cinematic experience. The sound bar is also compatible with Google Assistant and AirPlay 2, allowing for both iOS and Android device users to easily stream content from their devices to the TCL Alto 9+ Sound Bar in just a few steps.

Ideal for 55" TVs and larger, the Alto 9+ is available now for $299 at your favorite retailer.

TCL ALTO 8i Sound Bar: Immersive Sound. Made Simple.

The Alto 8i adds theater-quality audio with a single, slim sound bar while Dolby Atmos adds to the immersive playback with surround sound. Designed for entertainment enthusiasts who want to improve their home theater without cumbersome or expensive audio solutions, the Alto 8i provides TV owners amazingly deep, rich bass through its dual internal subwoofers.

Ideal for 55" TVs and larger, the TCL Alto 8i will be available next month for $179 from your favorite retailer.

TCL ALTO 6 and 6+ Sound Bar: Stunning Sound. Made Simple.

The Alto 6 and 6+ are perfect for enjoying entertainment with bigger, clearer sound. An easy, affordable way to bring bolder sound to any room of the house, TCL's Alto 6+ adds pounding bass from the powerful downward-firing wireless subwoofer and maximum clarity with Dolby Digital decoding.

Ideal for 40" TVs and larger, the TCL Alto 6 will be available for $79 while the TCL Alto 6+ with subwoofer will be available for $129, both at the end of the month.

TCL ALTO 3 Sound Bar: Compact Design. Endless Entertainment.

TCL's Alto 3 is designed for consumers looking to add louder sound to smaller spaces. Its compact size and low-profile design provide the perfect pairing with TVs in bedrooms, dorms, or apartments.

Ideal for 32" TVs and larger, the TCL Alto 3 will be available in October for $59. 

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