Published On: April 26, 2018

TCL's New 6-Series of Dolby Vision UHD TVs Is Now Available

Published On: April 26, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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TCL's New 6-Series of Dolby Vision UHD TVs Is Now Available

TCL has announced that its new 6-Series of Dolby Vision-capable Roku UHD TVs is now shipping. A follow-up to last year's well-reviewed P6-Series, the new 6-Series offers more zones of local dimming (TCL calls it Contrast Control Zones), a new iPQ...

TCL's New 6-Series of Dolby Vision UHD TVs Is Now Available

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TCL has announced that its new 6-Series of Dolby Vision-capable Roku UHD TVs is now shipping. A follow-up to last year's well-reviewed P6-Series, the new 6-Series offers more zones of local dimming (TCL calls it Contrast Control Zones), a new iPQ Engine designed to deliver more precise color reproduction, a new HDR Pro Gamma feature to adjust the HDR brightness to suit different viewing environments, and a new brushed-metal design. The 6-Series includes two models: the 55-inch 55R617 for $649 and the 65-inch 65R617 for $999.


From TCL
TCL has announced pricing and availability of its new 4K HDR TCL Roku TV models. The much anticipated 6-Series TVs elevate the home entertainment experience with a complete HDR performance solution for superior picture quality and one of the industry's best smart TV operating systems with enhanced voice capabilities for the ultimate user experience.

TCL's 6-Series is the successor to 2017's award-winning P6-Series, strengthening its reputation for picture performance with increased Contrast Control Zones and adding an innovative design aesthetic with a bold, brushed metal finish. The new 6-Series offers an exceptional viewing experience with Dolby Vision HDR--astonishing brightness, incomparable contrast, captivating color, and enhanced detail retention--along with vibrant wide color powered by TCL's NBP Photon technology, a new iPQ Engine for controlled and precise color reproduction, and HDR Pro Gamma for impactful HDR performance in any environment. The 6-Series comes equipped with a new Roku TV Voice Remote featuring enhanced voice control, including the ability to search, switch inputs, tune to a local antenna broadcast channel, launch a streaming channel and more.

"Following a very successful 2017, TCL has developed new products that continue to raise the bar for a premium home entertainment experience. These TVs directly reflect the innovation and deep expertise that allows TCL to deliver a superior consumer experience for those who want more from the leading technologies featured in our TVs, like Dolby Vision and the Roku OS," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL. "With improved cinematic picture quality and a sleek new cosmetic design to match that amazing picture performance, the 6-Series is a product that you can be proud of even when it is turned off. We are confident that this line will further solidify TCL's position as a leader in North America and the global consumer electronics industry."

The 6-Series also boasts the latest version of the Roku OS, which is simple to set up and incredibly easy to use. The inviting home screen displays all inputs and lets users choose from more than 5,000 streaming channels providing access to 500,000+ movies and TV episodes, including the Roku Channel which gives customers free access to a collection of top films, TV and more, as well as the Dolby Access channel. Dolby Access, a first for TCL TVs, enables consumers a spectacular unboxing experience through amazing trailers and shorts that showcase the performance of Dolby Vision on your TV.

The TCL 6-Series is available now, at a special pre-order introductory price of $649 for the 55" (55R617) and $999 for the 65" (65R617) screen sizes at your favorite retailer.

TCL Roku TV 6-Series: Powerful Performance
The new TCL 6-Series will combine stunning 4K high dynamic range picture performance and powerful stealth metal design for a superior TV experience. The set supports Dolby Vision, a comprehensive and premium HDR solution, as well as open HDR and now boasts HDR Performance Package Pro to further elevate the experience. Leveraging the HDR technology that powers Dolby's most advanced cinemas around the world, Dolby Vision on the 6-Series TV transforms viewing experiences in the home by delivering greater brightness and contrast, as well as a fuller palette of rich and detailed colors. Dolby Vision is an end-to-end ecosystem embraced by major Hollywood studios, global content distributors, and OEMs worldwide. More than 200 hours of episodic content and 240+ movies are available in Dolby Vision via OTT streaming or 4K UHD Blu-ray disc.

To achieve impressive High Dynamic Range performance, the 6-Series TVs deliver unmatched contrast ratio among LCD TVs using TCL's Contrast Control Zones technology to identify bright and dark areas in each frame of content and control each zone within the frame to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas. Moving from 72 Contrast Control Zones in last year's award-winning P6-Series, the new 2018 6-Series now features an impressive 96 zones for the 55" model and 120 zones for the 65" model.

HDR Performance Package Pro on 6-Series televisions also feature Wide Color Gamut with NBP Photon technology for even more realistic colors. TCL's NBP Photon technology (Nano Band Phosphor) is an innovative combination of high-output LEDs with precision phosphors that deliver a palette on 6-Series TVs nearly matching the DCI-P3 reference color standard found in the professional equipment used by Hollywood content creators. Just as a director envisions the brilliant and saturated colors of a movie using the best camera and display technologies available, the color performance of the 6-Series accurately re-creates the vibrancy of the director's vision in your own living room.

While NBP Photon technology helps ensure vibrant colors, an all-new iPQ Engine intelligently tailors precise colors based on the capability of each TV to maximize coverage of the DCI-P3 Hollywood color reference standard. Using intelligence gained in TCL's deep vertical integration throughout the production supply chain and employing this intelligence via an algorithm that monitors performance on each 6-Series, TCL's iPQ Engine controls the colors so that each TV's performance consistently delivers an accurate image across the color spectrum for an out-of-the-box experience that's closer to reality.

Additionally, TCL utilizes HDR Pro Gamma technology to create a custom tone map for different environments to accurately reproduce details so they remain easily visible in any lighting condition. To deliver impactful HDR performance in any viewing environment--from dark home theaters to bright living rooms--TCL's new HDR Pro Gamma feature ensures every detail is captured in HDR entertainment content and is perfectly visible. The 6-Series offers picture settings available for dark home theaters (HDR Dark), moderately bright living rooms (HDR Normal), and even the brightest sunlit spaces (HDR Bright) so that stunning HDR is available anytime and anywhere.

For 2018, TCL offers four primary series of TVs in the US market with the premium 6-Series crowning the new lineup. All TCL TVs feature the Roku smart TV platform, but each series delivers a unique combination of design, features and performance. For additional product information please visit for the full portfolio and for the 6-Series.

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