Published On: December 14, 2010

TDK Plans to Try Again in US Audio Market

Published On: December 14, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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TDK Plans to Try Again in US Audio Market

Remember TDK? You know, makers of fine cassette tapes and black media we all know and love. Anyone? Well, the lack of response isn't going to stop TDK from re-entering the US market only this time it won't be in the form of an analog tape but instead an analog turntable as well as a few other inexpensive audio products consumers are bound to overlook.

TDK Plans to Try Again in US Audio Market

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TDK_logo_building.gif reports that TDK, a company mainly known for its blank media products, will re-enter the U.S. audio market in 2011 with a new audio line. The company plans to unveil this line at the 2011 CES.

TDK's new line will feature home and portable audio products that include boomboxes, belt-drive turntables, and a CD-microsystem. The line will include a total of seven products and will be available through select online retailers beginning in January, followed by distribution to brick-and-mortar stores in the spring.

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The products include a $499 three-speaker "boombox audio system" with active subwoofer, two coaxial speakers and 2x10-watt plus 1x15-watt amplification. The smaller two-speaker boombox audio system at $399 lacks a subwoofer.

Both are AC/DC models with AM/FM tuner and connectivity to multiple audio sources. The models' USB Host port streams music from the digital PCM outputs of a cable-connected iPod/iPhone. The USB port also plays MP3- and WMA-encoded music streamed from USB drives and hard drives, allowing for song selection by artist, title, album or genre. Other audio inputs include stereo RCA inputs, a 3.5mm input, and a quarterinch input to connect music instruments for playing along with recorded music.

A three-piece AC-only Micro Audio System with a similar industrial design features separate two-way speakers and a vertical 2.9-inch-wide main unit that incorporates AM/FM tuner, vertical slot-loading CD player, and 2x20-watt amplifier. Inputs include USB Host that accepts PCM streams from a USB-connected iPod/ iPhone, RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs, optical and coaxial digital inputs for videogame sources, and an RCA output to drive a powered subwoofer or second zone. It also plays WMA and MP3 music files from USB drives and hard drives. Pricing was unavailable.

Also included in the line is the AC/DC Sound Cube Audio System, a 13.6-inch by 13.6-inch by 15-inch system. The $299 system is equipped with carrying handle, FM tuner, 2x10- watt Class D amplifier and same inputs as the boomboxes.

The two turntables are belt-drive models, both with embedded phono preamp and one with USB output and included PC software to rip vinyl to MP3. They retail for $299 and $399, respectively. The 33-1/3/45rpm turntables feature an optical feedback circuit to automatically deliver the precise rotation speed without manual adjustment. Their tonearms feature universal head to accommodate almost every type of standard cartridge.

The sixth new product is an on-ear stereo headphone, the $249 ST-800.

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