Published On: December 15, 2012

Terra and Leon Partner to High-Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

Published On: December 15, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Terra and Leon Partner to High-Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

Terra Loudspeakers and Leon Speakers have partnered to create a brand new outdoor speaker. The new speaker promises to bring the best of both speaker companies to its design.

Terra and Leon Partner to High-Fidelity Outdoor Speakers

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Leon-Boundary-404-outdoor-loudspeaker-small.jpgTerra Loudspeakers, an exclusive manufacturer of all-weather residential and light commercial loudspeakers, recently announced a partnership with Leon Speakers, a manufacturer of custom crafted audio solutions for living spaces, dedicated home theaters and commercial applications, to supply Terra-built CS-5.25 woofer/mid-range drivers for Leon's new Boundary 404 outdoor speakers.

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Leon manufactures a wide range of custom loudspeakers for the residential installation and home theater markets and has recently entered the commercial A/V space. The new custom-crafted Boundary 404 speakers mark Leon's entry in the weather resistant outdoor speaker category.

Terra has over 13 years experience building residential outdoor speakers. The company can trace its direct lineage back to the R.T. Bozak Manufacturing Company whose breakthrough patented aluminum cone drivers and "Bard" outdoor speaker are legends in the residential audio field. Leon is employing Terra's hand assembled, American made drivers in the Boundary 404.

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