Published On: April 7, 2012

Terra Loudspeakers Ships LuminSound Combination Outdoor Lighting and Sound System

Published On: April 7, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Terra Loudspeakers Ships LuminSound Combination Outdoor Lighting and Sound System

Terra Loudspeakers has come up with a unique product that solves multiple problems for audio fans that like to take their audio outdoors by releasing the LuminSound combination lighting and sound system.

Terra Loudspeakers Ships LuminSound Combination Outdoor Lighting and Sound System

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Terra_Loudspeakers_LuminSound_LS_32_outdoor_speakers.jpgTerra Loudspeakers is now shipping its Patent-Pending LS.32 outdoor LED lighting and sound reproduction system. The slim, tapered column delivers audio and highly efficient and flexible LED lighting from a totally weatherproof stealth black bollard (bollard is a lighting industry term describing short, post-like fixtures).

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The LS.32 is a 32.5-inch high black column and may be ordered with either a down or up light installed to illuminate a pathway/patio, greenery, or other architectural elements. Optionally, both lights can be factory installed for a nominal up charge. Lighting is provided by weatherproof MR-16 LED plug-in lamps installed in cast aluminum "eyeball" adjustable fixtures. Terra's custom built 12-volt MR-16 lamps are 3-LED warm white types that output 270 lumens of beautiful, high efficiency illumination wherever it's needed.

The upper third of the bollard contains a Terra-built weatherproof 5.25" co-axial loudspeaker mounted within its own housing at a 35 degree up angle to enhance sound coverage. The LS.32 can be set for 70.7 volt or 8 Ohm operation using a built-in switch located behind the grille. The speaker incorporates Terra's ACAD ceramic/alloy sandwich cone and MFCS fluid cooled spider-free technologies. Tech info on ACAD and MFCS is available at

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