Published On: July 13, 2009

Texas Instruments DLP® Shows First Technology to Enable Affordable Single-Projector 3D and Lamp-Free Data Projectors

Published On: July 13, 2009
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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Texas Instruments DLP® Shows First Technology to Enable Affordable Single-Projector 3D and Lamp-Free Data Projectors

Texas Instruments, creators of the widely used DLP technology, recently held a showcase shinning light upon a bevy of projectors that allow for increased affordability as well as 3D technology and lamp free possibilities.

Texas Instruments DLP® Shows First Technology to Enable Affordable Single-Projector 3D and Lamp-Free Data Projectors

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DLP® Products showed the breadth of its manufacturers' 3D Ready projectors and the first high-brightness lamp-free data projectors, all designed to address the growing needs of classrooms and conference rooms. DLP innovation of 3D display increases interactive learning through immersive curriculum with an affordably priced single 3D Ready projector. In addition, a lamp-free DLP projector with LED illumination decreases operating cost by eliminating the need to replace the light bulb inside the projector.

Nine of DLP Products' more than 30 manufacturers will have 3D Ready projectors on the market soon, including BenQ, InFocus, LightSpeed, Mitsubishi, Optoma, Sharp and ViewSonic, in addition to high-end products from Projectiondesign and Christie Digital. DLP customers developing high-brightness products with lamp-free LED illumination include Projectiondesign, Vivitek and the world's largest design manufacturer, Coretronic.

Interactive Learning in 3D
Hollywood has shown that 3D allows viewers to be in the action and experience the intangible. Following a similar path to DLP Products' innovation that launched DLP Cinema® and the digital cinema industry, DLP can bring 3D to the classroom, enabling more realistic and dynamic teaching techniques.

Taking the cinematic-like experience to a new level with 3D curriculum, DLP Products has worked closely with content providers such as Discovery Education, Safari Montage, Eon Reality and NeoTech to bring 3D educational material to market.

"After seeing the DLP 3D projection demonstration, I am envisioning endless possibilities for enhancing the learning of our students," said Trudy LeDoux, director of technology for Dickson Independent School District, just outside of Houston, Texas. "Imagine how engaging and impactful a biology lesson in 3D can be that digitally dissects the tiniest of organisms, or an art history lesson that lets each brush stroke of a masterpiece be retraced. Today's students expect that kind of reality."

The DLP chip's extremely fast switching speed of the micromirrors allows for the simultaneous display of left-eye and right-eye images required for the brain to create a 3D picture. The rapid response and refresh rate of the DLP chip enables manufacturers to easily add an immersive third dimension.

First High-Brightness Lamp-Free LED Data Projectors
In addition to innovating technology to enhance learning, DLP Products is continually focused on lowering projector maintenance. Since first demonstrating lamp-free LED display in power-efficient pocket projectors, pico projectors and 1080p projectors last year at InfoComm, DLP Products along with LED supplier Luminus have helped increase the brightness of LEDs to levels needed to support the first lamp-free projectors.

"Our goal is to enable our customers to provide businesses and schools with lower-cost solutions that provide a more immersive learning experience," said Roger Carver, manager of DLP's front projection business. "No lamps to maintain. No filter to clean. No problems."

DLP technology provides manufacturers with the flexibility to choose any light source, whether LED or lamp. A recent lifetime test conducted by light projection technology company Wavien Inc. demonstrated that Wavien's patented Dual Paraboloid Reflector (DPR® ) technology could provide projector lamp life for more than three times the lamp life of other projection technology providers. This further supports DLP's high reliability and low maintenance regardless of illumination source.

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