Published On: January 16, 2024

The Atari 400 Mini Arrives on March 28th

Published On: January 16, 2024
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The Atari 400 Mini Arrives on March 28th

The past meets the present in the form of the Atari 400 Mini, an officially licensed mini console that faithfully recreates the Atari 400 experience while adding exciting new features.

The Atari 400 Mini Arrives on March 28th

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Retro gaming enthusiasts and fans of the classic Atari 400 will have reason to celebrate come March 28, 2024, as Retro Games Ltd. unveils its latest creation, the Atari 400 Mini. This officially licensed mini console pays homage to the beloved Atari 400 home computer, first introduced in 1979, and promises to deliver a blend of retro charm and contemporary gaming functionality.

The Atari 400 and 800 series marked Atari's entry into the home computer market, offering users a unique combination of computing and gaming capabilities. The Atari 400, in particular, became the gateway for many into the world of computer gaming, and its distinctive design remains iconic to this day. The Atari 400 Mini faithfully replicates the design of its predecessor, capturing the essence of the 1970s original with meticulous attention to detail.

One of the standout features of the Atari 400 Mini is its robust emulation capability. Not only does it faithfully reproduce the Atari 400 experience, but it also emulates the entire 8-bit Atari range, including the Atari 800, XL, XE series, and the 5200 home console. This means that gamers can enjoy a vast library of classic titles from the Atari era.

The package includes 25 built-in games, carefully curated to provide players with a taste of Atari's rich gaming history. 

Titles like Berzerk, Boulder Dash, and Missile Command are among the included classics. Additionally, the Atari 400 Mini allows users to expand their game library by importing their favorite 8-bit games via USB drives, adding a level of personalization that the original Atari 400 lacked.

Atari 400 Mini games console includes 25 built-in games.

Navigating through these games is made easy with the updated CX40 joystick, an integral part of the Atari gaming experience. Retro Games Ltd. has enhanced the joystick with additional function buttons and USB compatibility, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. Players can also take advantage of modern conveniences like game rewind and save options, addressing one of the limitations of the original system.

The Atari 400 Mini offers an impressive visual experience, with HDMI output supporting 720p resolution at both 50 and 60Hz, catering to a global audience. This ensures that classic games look vibrant and crisp on modern televisions. Moreover, the console features five USB ports, allowing players to connect extra controllers and peripherals for a more immersive gaming session.

While the Atari 400 Mini embraces modern gaming enhancements, it remains true to the aesthetics of the original Atari 400. Its iconic color scheme and design make it not just a gaming device but also a statement piece that can grace any living room.

Atari 400 Mini USB connectivity allows users to import 8-bit games via USB drives

The package includes the 400 Mini console, the revamped CX40 joystick (dubbed THECXSTICK), an HDMI cable, and a USB power cable. It's worth noting that a power adapter is not included, but the system is compatible with standard USB power sources for added convenience.

Key Highlights: 

  • A faithful homage to the 1979 Atari 400 home computer.
  • Emulates the entire 8-bit Atari range, including the Atari 800, XL, XE series, and the 5200 home console.
  • Features a distinct retro design reminiscent of the original Atari 400.
  • Comes with 25 built-in classic Atari games, including Berzerk, Boulder Dash, and Missile Command.
  • USB connectivity allows users to import their favorite 8-bit games via USB drives.
  • Upgraded CX40 joystick with additional function buttons and USB compatibility for intuitive gaming.
  • Modern conveniences like game rewind and save options for improved gameplay.
  • HDMI output supports 720p resolution at 50 or 60Hz for crisp visuals.
  • Five USB ports for connecting extra controllers and peripherals, enhancing multiplayer options.
  • The package includes the Atari 400 Mini console, THECXSTICK joystick, HDMI cable, and USB power cable.

The Atari 400 Mini's launch on March 28, 2024, is highly anticipated by retro gaming enthusiasts and those looking to explore the roots of modern gaming. With its combination of faithful emulation, modern features, and nostalgic design, the 400 Mini promises to bridge the gap between past and present gaming experiences, catering to both long-time fans and newcomers alike. 

Priced at $119.99, it's set to be a must-have for collectors and gaming enthusiasts alike, offering a chance to relive the golden age of gaming on a modern platform.

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