Published On: June 26, 2024

The Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker Returns with Enhanced Features and Superior Sound

Published On: June 26, 2024
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The Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker Returns with Enhanced Features and Superior Sound

The iconic Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker has been relaunched by Apple, boasting a host of new features and improvements.

The Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker Returns with Enhanced Features and Superior Sound

The Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker is making a comeback. After a period of discontinuation, Apple-owned Beats Electronics has reintroduced the popular portable Bluetooth speaker, offering a host of new features while maintaining the iconic pill-shaped design. The 2024 version of the Beats Pill is now available for pre-order, with an official release set for June 27.

The new Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker retains its signature capsule shape, but under the hood, it has been completely reengineered. It now features a redesigned racetrack woofer and updated tweeter, both of which are housed separately to minimize distortion.

This reengineering effort has led to a more robust sound output, boasting 28% more motor force and displacing 90% more air volume compared to its predecessor. Simply said, the new Beats Pill delivers louder and clearer sound.

The speaker is enclosed in an IP67-rated case, making it resistant to both dust and water. This robust build allows users to take the Beats Pill to various environments, such as poolside parties or beach outings, without worrying about damage from the elements. The exterior of the speaker is covered in soft-touch silicone, enhancing its durability and grip.

Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker in three different colors: Matte Black, Statement Red, and Champagne Gold.

One of the significant upgrades in the new Beats Pill is the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.3, ensuring a more stable and efficient wireless connection. The speaker is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, featuring seamless one-touch pairing and support for each platform's respective "find my" features. This compatibility ensures that users across different operating systems can easily locate their speaker if misplaced.

Additionally, the new Beats Pill features a USB-C port, which serves multiple purposes. It supports audio passthrough, allowing users to connect the speaker to their devices for wired audio. The USB-C port also facilitates fast charging, with a 10-minute charge providing up to two hours of playback. This port can even be used to charge other devices, such as smartphones, adding to the speaker's versatility.

The acoustic architecture of the new Beats Pill has seen significant enhancements. The speaker now includes a single reengineered racetrack woofer paired with stronger neodymium magnets. This combination delivers a more powerful bass response and a clearer sound profile. The updated tweeter, housed separately from the woofer, ensures crisp highs without distortion.

Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker in Matte Black color connected to laptop.

An exciting feature of the new Beats Pill is its ability to connect with another Pill speaker. Users can sync two speakers in either Amplify Mode, which maintains mono sound but increases volume, or Stereo Mode, which splits the audio into two channels for a more immersive stereo experience. This feature makes the Beats Pill an attractive option for portable party setups or home audio systems.

Battery life has been a significant focus in the new Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker, which now offers up to 24 hours of continuous playback. This is a notable improvement over the previous model, which provided 12 hours of battery life. 

While actual battery performance may vary depending on usage conditions, the extended battery life ensures that the speaker can last through extended listening sessions without needing frequent recharges.

Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker connected to a phone.

The Beats Pill also functions as a speakerphone, utilizing a proprietary noise-learning algorithm to enhance voice clarity during calls. This feature can be particularly useful for conference calls or hands-free communication.

The new Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker is priced at $149.99, which is $50 less than the 2015 Beats Pill+. It is available in three color options: Matte Black, Statement Red, and Champagne Gold. Given Apple's history, it is likely that additional color options, including special editions, will be introduced in the future.

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