Published On: December 21, 2023

The Countdown Begins: Apple Vision Pro Expected by February

Published On: December 21, 2023
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The Countdown Begins: Apple Vision Pro Expected by February

After months of anticipation, it seems that the Apple Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is on track for a February release, with manufacturing in full swing and developers gearing up for its arrival.

The Countdown Begins: Apple Vision Pro Expected by February

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Apple's highly anticipated augmented reality (AR) headset, the Apple Vision Pro, is rumored to be hitting the market sooner than anticipated, with a report indicating a possible February release. The latest information from a reputable source, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, has shed light on the production status, pricing, and preparations for the launch of this groundbreaking device.

According to Gurman, the Apple Vision Pro is already in the advanced stages of production in factories located in China. The production process appears to be on schedule, with the first units expected to roll off the assembly line in late January, followed by a full-scale release in February. This timeline aligns with Apple's initial announcement, which stated that the headset would be available "early next year."

Unveiled by Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in June, the Vision Pro is positioned as a high-end AR headset primarily aimed at enterprise users and content creators. Cook emphasized its unique feature, stating that it's "the first Apple product you look through, and not at."

However, the Apple Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag, starting at around $3,499. This premium pricing reflects Apple's cautious approach to a market still in the early stages of adoption. The primary target audience appears to be enterprise computer-aided design (CAD) firms and software developers serving businesses.

Apple Vision Pro AR headset with battery.

One of the key indicators suggesting an imminent launch is an email sent by Apple to developers, encouraging them to prepare for the arrival of the Vision Pro by testing and updating their applications for compatibility with the device. This suggests that Apple is making significant strides in ensuring that the AR headset will have a robust ecosystem of compatible software upon release.

As the rumored launch date approaches, Apple is taking various steps to prepare for the release of the Vision Pro. The company is planning to revamp its retail stores to accommodate the unique nature of the device. This includes dedicated demonstration areas where customers can try out the headset and explore its capabilities. 

Additionally, Apple is sending two staff members from each of its stores to its headquarters for training on selling the Vision Pro and assisting customers with fitting and customization, including attaching the headband and fitting prescription lenses.

Overall, the launch of the Apple Vision Pro is expected to be a significant milestone for Apple, as it marks the introduction of a completely new product category. While the reports suggest an impending release in February, it's important to note that any number of factors could potentially cause delays. 

Nevertheless, the increased production efforts and developer outreach indicate that Apple is actively preparing for the arrival of its highly anticipated AR headset. Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the potential February launch date.

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