Published On: January 31, 2024

The Skylight Cal Max: A 27-Inch Digital Calendar for Your Family

Published On: January 31, 2024
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The Skylight Cal Max: A 27-Inch Digital Calendar for Your Family

Tired of juggling schedules and chores? The Skylight Cal Max could be the solution you've been looking for—a 27-inch smart calendar designed for families.

The Skylight Cal Max: A 27-Inch Digital Calendar for Your Family

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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In the age of smart devices and digital assistants, managing family schedules and activities can be a daunting task. To help you with this, Skylight, known for its popular smart frames, has introduced a potential solution with the Skylight Cal Max, a 27-inch smart calendar that aims to simplify the organization of family life.

Skylight's Cal Max is not your typical smart display. Unlike the multifunctional devices that allow you to stream content or control various apps, the Cal Max focuses on streamlining family life by providing an organized and distraction-free calendar experience. It is designed to help families manage their calendars, chores, meal planning, and photo albums efficiently, without the clutter commonly found on traditional smart displays.

The Skylight Cal Max stands out with its sizable 27-inch touchscreen, making it easy to view and plan daily activities without straining your eyes. To accommodate different spaces, it can be mounted on a wall in either landscape or portrait orientation, offering flexibility in its placement.

A close up view of Skylight Cal Max with black frame.

As for syncing and compatibility, The Cal Max simplifies the process of managing family schedules by allowing users to sync their data from popular calendar services such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Cozi, and Yahoo. This feature enables family members to effortlessly share their activities and commitments, facilitating efficient planning and coordination.

The Skylight Cal Max's user-friendly design extends to its kid-friendly features, such as color-coding and the use of emojis to celebrate completed chores. These elements make it more engaging for children and help them participate in family organizations.

While the Skylight Cal Max offers an attractive solution for families seeking a streamlined calendar experience, it does have some limitations. Notably, it does not support integration with voice assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa, which might be a drawback for those looking for a central hub for their smart devices.

Skylight Cal Max can be wall mounted with the option of portrait (as shown) or horizontal orientation.

Additionally, its substantial 27-inch size may present challenges for users with limited space, such as apartment dwellers. Finding an appropriate location to mount the device could be a potential hurdle.

Skylight Calendar Max Main Features: 

  • 27-inch touchscreen display for easy viewing and planning
  • Streamlined design focused on family organization and minimal distractions
  • Seamless syncing with popular calendar services like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Cozi, and Yahoo
  • Kid-friendly features such as a color-coding system and the use of emojis for chore tracking
  • Flexible mounting options for wall installation in both landscape and portrait orientation
  • Optional subscription for using it as a large digital picture frame with photo upload capabilities
  • Display of the current date, time, and weather conditions
  • Chore Chart feature to gamify household tasks with rewards for completion
  • Customized Views for switching between daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views
  • Sleep Mode for scheduling display power-off during the night and automatic power-on in the morning
  • 32GB of storage capacity for storing data and photos
  • Built-in speakers with four-watt output for audio functionality
  • Multiple frame options, including plastic in black or white and aluminum Shadow Box frames in charcoal gray or plain metallic finish

The Skylight Calendar Max is currently available for pre-order on Skylight's website, with pricing varying based on the chosen frame. The plastic frame option retails for $599.99, while the aluminum frame is priced at $629.99. Shipping is expected to commence in June, and reservations can be secured with a $100 deposit.

The Skylight Cal Max offers a unique approach to family organization, combining the functionality of a digital calendar with the nostalgia of a digital photo frame. With its large, high-resolution display and versatile design, it has the potential to simplify the lives of families looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly scheduling solution. However, potential buyers should consider their space and frame preferences before making a purchase decision.

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