Published On: June 18, 2024

Theory Audio Design Launches New DLC Loudspeaker Controllers

Published On: June 18, 2024
Last Updated on: June 25, 2024
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Theory Audio Design Launches New DLC Loudspeaker Controllers

Theory Audio Design has released its latest line of DLC loudspeaker controllers, featuring advanced technologies and versatile applications for both residential and commercial audio systems.

Theory Audio Design Launches New DLC Loudspeaker Controllers

Theory Audio Design has unveiled its latest range of DLC loudspeaker controllers, introducing three new models that are set to enhance the audio experience in both residential and commercial settings. The new models, the DLC-250.4d, DLC-1500.4d, and DLC-250.8, feature advanced functionalities and improved design, aimed at offering greater flexibility and performance.

The new DLC controllers are designed specifically for use with Theory loudspeakers, boasting a cosmetic refresh, Dante network audio compatibility, and an all-new 8-channel amplifier. They cater to a variety of installation needs, from small residential setups to larger commercial environments.

The models provide intelligent power management, a full DSP matrix, and TCP/IP control via a wired connection or through an onboard Wi-Fi access point. Two of the models, the DLC-250.4d and DLC-1500.4d, also incorporate Dante and AES67 audio-over-IP digital I/O compatibility, making them highly versatile for different audio distribution needs.

Theory Audio Design DLC Loudspeaker Controllers: DLC-250.8

Model Breakdown:

  • DLC-250.4d: This 4-channel loudspeaker controller is compact yet powerful, designed for core distributed audio systems. It offers channel-pair power sharing of up to 250W, making it adaptable for various system sizes. The half-rack unit can be mounted using the included rack kit, with an optional surface mount kit for discreet installations.
  • DLC-250.8: Ideal for surround and distributed audio systems that do not require Dante and AES67, the DLC-250.8 provides the same power per channel and power-sharing capabilities as the DLC-250.4d but with four additional channels in a 1U chassis. It is suitable for more extensive setups where more channels per chassis are desired.
  • DLC-1500.4d: The most powerful of the new models, the DLC-1500.4d, offers 3,000W of power from a 16-pound, 2U chassis. It delivers 1,500W into 4 or 8 ohms from any channel pair, or 800W into 2 or 4 ohms with all channels driven. This model is designed for high-output distributed or surround audio systems, making it ideal for large screen and professional loudspeakers and subwoofers.

The new DLC controllers are suitable for a wide range of applications. In commercial environments such as hotels, educational facilities, and corporate settings, the DLC models offer flexibility in power distribution across multiple rooms of varying sizes. The S/PDIF master/slave functionality allows for seamless integration of multiple DLC units, ensuring efficient coverage and minimal rack space usage.

Rear view of the DLC-1500.4d.

For houses of worship, the DLC loudspeaker controllers provide reliable, high-quality amplification of voice, ensuring clear and intelligible speech across large areas. In residential settings, these controllers can enhance home cinema and surround sound systems, with the DLC-250.4d perfect for 3.1 systems, the DLC-250.8 suitable for 7.1 systems, and the powerful DLC-1500.4d handling larger setups with ease.

The new DLC platform is certified for safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and complies with ErP and EnergyStar standards. This ensures that the products not only deliver high performance but also adhere to stringent energy efficiency and safety regulations.

Paul Hales, CEO and product designer for Theory Audio Design said: “The new generation of Theory DLC loudspeaker controllers offer all the advantages of their predecessors with the addition of audio over IP, an entirely new 8-channel model, and a cohesive new industrial design across the line,…

Now with Dante and AES67 compatibility, even the most complex Theory distributed audio systems can be set up and deployed quickly and painlessly with no bulky analog audio cables required. And the system is bulletproof so when the job is complete the installer can move on without concerns about support calls or truck rolls.” 

Theory Audio Design’s new DLC loudspeaker controllers are available for purchase through authorized US and international representatives. The pricing for the models is as follows:

Theory Audio Design's new DLC loudspeaker controllers could represent a significant advancement in distributed audio control technology. With their blend of high power output, advanced digital audio compatibility, and flexible installation options, these controllers should be well-suited to a wide range of applications, from high-end residential setups to demanding commercial installations.

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