Published On: November 28, 2012

Thiel Audio Acquired by Nashville Private Equity Firm

Published On: November 28, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Thiel Audio Acquired by Nashville Private Equity Firm

Thiel Audio has a long legacy of making loudspeakers. Now that legacy has shifted hands. The company has recently been sold with a new CEO taking control. What does this mean for Thiel's future?

Thiel Audio Acquired by Nashville Private Equity Firm

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Thiel-Audio-logo-small.gifTHIEL Audio has announced that the company has been acquired by a private equity firm based in Nashville, TN. New THIEL CEO Bill Thomas has indicated that the brand focus will continue to be on premium quality phase and time coherent loudspeakers, with long time THIEL employees Brad Paulsen, Gary Dayton, Lana Ruth and Rob Gillum all remaining onboard.

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New product categories will also be explored for THIEL; with an expansion of the architectural series an immediate priority serving to further establish the brand as a supplier of distributed audio solutions. "We will invest considerable time and energy speaking to our distribution channels worldwide, gathering data about the marketplace from those who know it best before making any decisions about new product direction," Thomas stated. Resources will also be allocated to improving the company's website and other marketing initiatives.

In addition to Paulsen, Dayton, Ruth and Gillum remaining with THIEL, the entire factory team has been retained and the existing sales channel--comprised of reps and dealers--will remain in place. The R&D and manufacturing facility in Lexington, KY will continue to operate at full capacity as well--there are no plans to close THIEL's Lexington, KY operation.

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