TiVo Introduces BOLT+ 4K DVR with More Tuners and Storage

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Tivo-BOLT-PLUS.jpgTiVo's recent acquisition by Rovi has not stopped the company from introducing a new set-top box at this week's CEDIA Expo in Dallas. Like the original BOLT that was launched last year, the new BOLT+ is a 4K-capable DVR and streaming media player, but it offers more storage (3TB) and more tuners (six in all) than its predecessor. Also, the new player's chassis is gloss black instead of white. Popular features like SkipMode, QuickMode, and OnePass are available on the BOLT+, which is scheduled for release this week for $499.99.�

From TiVo
TiVo has announced an exciting addition to the TiVo BOLT family, the TiVo BOLT+. The TiVo BOLT+ includes six tuners, 3TB of recording capacity, and a new black chassis, creating the ultimate multi-room video experience for customers looking for a best-in-class, all-in-one entertainment device.�

"With the TiVo BOLT+, our goal is to deliver the best DVR ever sold to consumers and continue to deliver a product with features that provide great value for our resell partners. The 4K TiVo BOLT+ is the all-in-one video system people have been waiting for," said Ira Bahr, general manager of TiVo retail products. "The ultimate multi-room video setup, the TiVo BOLT+ eliminates some of the install hassle resellers run into, including expensive matrix switchers, while providing the unified entertainment features that users have come to expect and are excited about."

The TiVo BOLT+ is the unified entertainment system that satisfies even the most voracious entertainment appetite, with more tuners, greater recording capacity, 4K capabilities, TiVo's SkipMode feature allowing the user to skip whole commercial breaks in recorded shows with one button press, QuickMode functionality enabling the user to watch recorded shows 30 percent faster, and a new, sleek black chassis. It's a streamer plus cable box, DVR, and PLEX client all in one, while also eliminating the need for a traditional video matrix switcher. The TiVo BOLT+ unifies all TV channels and streaming content into one simplified and searchable system--the perfect box for the modern multi-room video setup.

The TiVo BOLT+ includes the following features from its predecessor, the TiVo BOLT:
� 4K: Connect the TiVo BOLT+ to a 4K TV and stream content in ultra-high-definition resolution with spectacular, eye-popping color and detail.
� SkipMode: Skip commercial breaks of recorded shows with the press of a single button.
� QuickMode: Watch recordings 30 percent faster with pitch-corrected audio.
� OnePass: Consolidate all episodes of favorite shows via cable and Internet video services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Instant Video, creating a universal watch list across all providers.
� OneSearch: Search across local channels and Internet video services to find which shows are available and where they can be viewed.
� Remote Access: Watch live TV and recorded shows from a tablet or smartphone anywhere in the home, as well as download or stream shows to watch out of the home and on the go.

The TiVo BOLT+ is priced at $499.99. The TiVo BOLT+ will be available on September 15, 2016, online at www.tivo.com, Amazon, Magnolia retail stores and custom install dealers nationally.

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