Toshiba 65HT2U LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Toshiba 65HT2U LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Toshiba_65ht2u_LCD_HDTV_review.jpgHigh Points
• This TV has a 65-inch screen and a 1080p resolution.
• ClearFrame 120Hz technology can reduce motion blur, while the separate Film Stabilization mode addresses film judder.
• Some advanced picture adjustments are offered, such as blue/green drive, static gamma, noise reduction, and a game mode.
LCDs can be very bright, which makes them a good choice for a brightly lit viewing environment.
• The 65HT2U has three HDMI inputs, plus a PC input and a USB port for MP3/JPEG playback.
• This TV includes Toshiba's handy Channel Browser to easily navigate tuned channels and connected sources.

Low Points
• This TV uses a traditional CCFL backlight, so it's not as thin and light as an edge-lit LED-based LCD. Also, its black level will likely not be as deep as you'll find in the better LED-based LCDs with local dimming.
• LCD viewing angles are not as good as you'll find with a plasma TV.
• The 65HT2U lacks 3D capability.
• This TV does not offer a network connection or access to Toshiba's Web platform.
• You won't get as many advanced picture adjustments as Toshiba offers on its higher-end TVs.

Competition and Comparison
Compare the Toshiba to its competition by reading reviews of the Sharp LC-70LE732U, Westinghouse VR-6025Z, and Sanyo DP55441.

Perhaps Toshiba has noticed Sharp's recent success in the 60-inch-plus category and decided to see if it can do the same with a budget 65-incher of its own. The 65HT2U is no-frills in the features department, but it does offer a 1080p resolution, 120Hz technology (important for an LCD at this screen size) with a de-judder option, three HDMI inputs, and a USB media port. The lack of LED backlighting and local dimming means it probably won't deliver the kind of black-level performance that we desire for a theater-quality image, and it's obviously not the right choice for anyone interested in 3D capability. As for the lack of a Web platform, you can easily add a standalone streaming media player with the money you save. If you really want a large-screen all-purpose TV but have a limited budget, then you'll definitely want to give the 65HT2U a look.

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