Published On: October 10, 2010

Toshiba Adds New Ultra-Thin LED HDTVs

Published On: October 10, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Toshiba Adds New Ultra-Thin LED HDTVs

Toshiba has launched two new series of thin, LED-based LCD TVs. The entry-level SL400 lineup features screen sizes under 32 inches, while the higher-end UL605 Series sports larger screen sizes, edge LED lighting, ClearFrame 120Hz technology, and NET TV with a supplied WiFi adapter.

Toshiba Adds New Ultra-Thin LED HDTVs

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Toshiba_UL605_LED_HDTV.gifToshiba has recently announced the availability two new LED HDTV Series for 2010: The UL605 Series with NET TV and the compact SL400 Series.

Toshiba's newest sets feature new ultra-thin designs. When the UL605's touch sensitive power control on the frame is pressed, users are given a picture powered by Toshiba's DynaLight, which automatically adjusts the LEDs in an attempt to maintain picture quality.

"Invisible" speakers are paired with Dolby Digital Plus for a richer sound experience. Both series also include a gaming mode that reportedly cuts the lag between a remote control button press and the resulting on-screen action, making these sets good choices for PC or console gaming TVs.

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UL605 Series

The Toshiba UL605 series replaces the current UX600 series. It utilizes edge mounted LEDs and Toshiba's ClearFrame 120Hz technology to reduce motion blur for fast action video.

The UL605 series has an included Wi-Fi adapter to make hooking up to a network simple, and Toshiba's NET TV suite of streaming content. Available content and entertainment includes the VUDU streaming movie service, which offers users over 3,000 HD titles. Also included is the VUDU applications platform, which provides customers with access to a wide range of Internet services and applications including music on demand from Pandora, access to Facebook and Twitter, up-to-the-minute news and updates from The New York Times and AP Associated Press, photo browsing through Flickr and Picasa Web Albums, and more.

Beyond this, the UL605 Series includes a USB port, and support for DLNA file sharing. Users can easily watch videos, share and view photos, and listen to music right on the screen, no matter if the files are stored on a digital camera, a portable drive, a networked PC or elsewhere.

The UL605 Series is available in 55-inch, 46-inch, and 40-inch class screen sizes.

SL400 Series

Toshiba's SL400 series makes it possible to have the design of a Toshiba LED HDTV in the bedroom, kitchen, or den. The models from the series feature two HDMI-CEC ports that can be used to control connected CEC devices with the TV's remote, and a USB port for sharing photos and music.

The SL400 Series is available in 32-inch, 26-inch, 22-inch, and 19-inch class screen sizes.

All models of the SL400 series and the UL605 series are available now.

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