TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Immersive Sound and Premium Design At an Affordable Cost

Published On: March 11, 2024
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TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Immersive Sound and Premium Design At an Affordable Cost

The TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds impress with their immersive sound, premium design, and advanced features.

TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Immersive Sound and Premium Design At an Affordable Cost

By Author: Indiana Lang

Indiana Lang, owner of Emptor Audio and A/V Integration in Orlando, FL, brings extensive AV industry experience from inside sales to custom installations. Starting in the field at 17 and writing about Hifi since 2016, he boasts over 25 certifications from top brands and is the current Editor-In-Chief of

The TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds are a remarkable audio companion that delivers an immersive listening experience with its nuanced sound, premium build quality, and advanced features. In this review, we will delve into the key aspects of these earbuds, including their impressive sound performance, luxurious design, convenient packaging, long battery life, comfort, codec support, and the accompanying app experience.

TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds in black and gold finish

High Points

  • Robust and great depth of bass without being overpowering.
  • Bright and balanced sound.
  • Great companion app.
  • Sleek design, with a great carrying case.

Low Points

  • Touch controls could be a tad more sensitive.
  • Case feels a bit cheap in terms of build.

Audio Performance

When it comes to sound, the Golden X1s excel in delivering a well-balanced audio profile. The bass response is robust, offering a strong depth without overpowering the rest of the sound spectrum. 

Harder hitting, bassier tracks such as “Jailbreak the Tesla” by Injury Reserve feel as weighty as they should, but still allow for other elements of the music to shine. The rapping on the song, for example, sounds great as well, and isn’t distorted.

Vocals on the Golden X1 come through wonderfully, providing clearly defined and rich vocals that stand out in the mix. The same can be said for phone calls and other voice communication on these earbuds.

Softer, more delicate music also sounds great on the Golden X1s. Adrianne Lenker’s song Anything, for example, sounds layered, with Lenkers tender and soft vocals coming through with an endearing warmness, and the supporting acoustic instrumental sounding rich and full.

The instrumentation in these earbuds is textured and detailed, accurately reproducing the intricacies of various instruments. More complex and layered songs like Parannoul’s Beautiful World are brought to life on the Golden X1s, fully enveloping the listener in glorious and intricate detail.

The Golden X1's hybrid driver setup, featuring 12mm carbon nanotube diaphragm dynamic drivers and balanced armature drivers, is a notable inclusion for earbuds in this price range. This premium configuration significantly enhances the audio performance, resulting in a precise and immersive soundstage.

The sound of the X1s can be further elevated by making use of its LDAC codec support. For devices that support LDAC, this codec allows for high-resolution audio transmission, providing an even more detailed and refined listening experience, at the cost of battery life.

Build Quality and Packaging

The Golden X1s boast a premium look and feel to them. It doesn’t feel like they cheaped out on construction or design, which is a problem I have with most earbuds in general. From the moment you hold them, their solid build exudes durability and elegance, and they feel great while being worn too.

The solid black matte design is sleek and beautifully subtle. I prefer my earbud design to be more minimal and subtle, and out of the clean look of the Golden X1s really does it for me. There is also a little hook at the bottom of the earbud that provides extra support in the ear, which makes it much less likely to fall out and more comfortable. 

On both earbuds, there is a touch panel that has different functions that can be adjusted in the app, such as play/pause, volume adjustment, etc. I found the controls to be very easy to adapt to, and they were responsive for the most part. Occasionally it would miss an input but that was rare. 

The earbuds come with a carrying and charging case that also has an appealing look to it. The case not only protects the earbuds but also accurately displays the battery charge status through LED indicators, and is super portable which is nice. 

The case is held shut with a strong magnet, so you won’t have to worry about your earbuds flying out of your case or out of your pocket while using the case. The case does feel a bit cheap compared to more premium products, such as the Technic AZ60M2 and AZ80s.

Listening Experience

The Golden X1s offer a solid 8-hour battery life with LDAC and ANC off, which is generally the settings I opted for, as I prefer to have lots of playtime without needing to charge. Having ANC and LDAC on drastically cuts this time in half, however you will get a higher fidelity to the sound. 

Technology behind TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds

Comfort is a crucial factor for any pair of earbuds, and the Golden X1 excels in this aspect. With their ergonomic design and multiple ear tip options, these earbuds provide a comfortable and secure fit, even when mobile. These earbuds are a solid choice for exercising. The comfort makes prolonged listening sessions viable, which I normally cannot do with earbuds.

Its simple controls also make it a super streamlined listening experience. It is very simple to pause and adjust volume without much struggle at all. 

The noise cancellation capabilities on the Golden X1s is solid and deserves mention as well. With the ability to cancel up to 42dB of external noise, the Golden X1 effectively creates a quiet and immersive listening environment. The app further enhances the noise cancellation experience by providing customizable settings to adjust the level of noise cancellation according to your preferences.

App Experience

TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds app settings

The accompanying app is an essential aspect of the Golden X1 listening experience, and I had lots of fun with it. It is not only very sleek and professional looking, but also feels neatly organized and streamlined. I had no issue finding whatever I was looking for.

The Golden X1s support various codecs, including LDAC, AAC, and SBC. You can swap between these codecs as you please using the app without any issues. You can also enable or disable ANC on the app, or fine tune it to your liking.

The app offers even more extensive customization options, including 16 EQ presets and genre-specific presets, allowing you to tailor the sound to your preferences. Additionally, the app allows you to fine-tune the EQ to create a personalized audio profile. The EQ adjustment is rather in depth, so you can be assured that you will be able to adjust the sound as you enjoy it.

Comparison and Should You Buy?

The Golden X1s are some of my favorite earbuds I have ever tried. For their price point, it's going to be hard to beat the value this product will give you. Priced at a cool $150, the Golden X1s offer near the same performance as more premium competitors.

For example, the X1s feel about on par with the Technics AZ60M2’s, if falling just a bit short in terms of build quality and design. But when it comes to sound, customizability, convenience, and the overall listening experience, the two are neck and neck for me. And the Golden X1s are $100 cheaper.

So if you are looking for a more budget friendly earbud but don’t want to sacrifice premium sound and feel, the Golden X1s just might be for you.


The TOZO Golden X1 Bluetooth Earbuds impress with their immersive sound, premium design, and advanced features. The combination of strong bass, defined vocals, and detailed instrumentation ensures a rich and enjoyable audio experience. The luxurious build quality, including the hybrid driver setup, further enhances the audio performance and overall value for its price range. The convenience of the carrying and charging case, long battery life, and comfortable fit make them perfect for extended listening sessions.

With support for multiple codecs and the feature-rich app, the Golden X1 earbuds offer a highly customizable and personalized listening experience. If you are looking for a product with a premium sound and look without breaking bank, the Golden X1s are a great earbud to consider.

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