Transfiguration Orpheus Moving Coil Cartridge Reviewed

Published On: January 4, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Transfiguration Orpheus Moving Coil Cartridge Reviewed

The technical details that make the Transfiguration Orpheus cartridge unique include using ultra grade SS-µ-metal core for coil assembly, special 7N copper coils, push-pull damping, an anti-resonance body shape, and an ultra tight magnet-coil coupling

Transfiguration Orpheus Moving Coil Cartridge Reviewed

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Transfiguration cartridges are masters of natural musicality. The exclusive patented yokeless ring-magnet generator construction places the moving coil at the focal point of the magnetic flux field leading to a new level of focus and natural resolution due to the reduction of phase errors generated by the magnet-with-pole-pieces construction of other cartridges.

The Transfiguration Orpheus is a new generation yokeless moving coil cartridge whose incredible sonic capabilities make significant contribution to the state-of-the-art in analog recording reproduction.

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Many LP lovers would consider the golden age of recorded music to be the 1950's - 1970's. This was when recording companies could afford long-term contracts with the leading artists and groups, afford the time for extensive rehearsals and trial recording sessions, indulged in little or no complex multi-channel mixing (which so often distorts natural musical timbres and perspectives and causes phasing distortions) and took a real pride in producing premium quality pressings.

The moving coil cartridge has become to be accepted internationally as the ultimate transducer of these and other fine analog recordings. However, despite increasingly sophisticated cartridges being developed there remains a number of aspects that place a ceiling on the quality of the reproduction: the prime cause being the yokes and pole-pieces of the magnet, which focus the field around the coil.

The yoke system is unable to focus the full power of the magnet into the coil affecting both the strength and the accuracy of the signal. The resulting distortion inherent in most moving coil designs shows as a high frequency rise, ringing and a high level of both distortion and tracking distortion.

There is also a masking of the frequency response, especially in the high range. The inter-relationship of magnetic field and coils is simply too "loose". The magnet and coils are too far apart to be able to capture the very subtlest details. On the other hand, very dynamic passages tend to cause coil saturation, especially if the coils are wound on formers. Increasingly powerful magnets, or special coils, bodies and suspensions, are in themselves no solution.

"Accuracy" defines precisely the ability of a cartridge to recreate the original recorded sound. Greater accuracy provides more of the music - the direct sound, and the myriad of recording environment subtleties that are the intimate detail. Ultimately, a more musical sound. Indeed, it seemed the ultimate moving coil design was already with us. Only to be continuously re-refined.

Design concept

Now, in these final days of the glories of analog, there is a whole new frontier to the music of recorded music. A new concept, a single assembly that replaces the vast and costly magnets, the magnetic-field-dispersing yokes and the coils suffering from variable magnetic influences that typify all other moving coil designs.

No yokes

Coils inside the magnet

No magnetic irregularities

Coils at the crux of magnetic focus

Intimate coil/magnet coupling

Low internal impedance

High output

Elegantly simple body design

Technical details

1. Unique ultra grade SS- -metal core for coil assembly. Newly
developed ultra grade SS-é -metal square core increases sensitivity by
35dB, improving the signal to noise ratio and eliminating a usual source
of distortion.

2. Special 7N copper coils. A newly developed 7N copper wire used in
the coils eliminates a common source of distortion and increases

3. Push-pull damping. A special quality compound has been
meticulously designed and fabricated to provide total stylus/coil
alignment and control. Its non-sensitivity to temperature change keeps
the damping co-efficient stable and improves trackability.

4. Anti-resonance cartridge body shape. A resonance controlled
'simple' design for lower tonal colouration and a new-generation image.

5. Boron cantilever. Newly developed rod for a more natural sound.

6. Low mass tip. Ogura PA (3 x 30é m) tip. Its function is to
reproduce the character of the original recorded sound - not add or
subtract its own deficiencies.

7. Ultra tight magnet-coil coupling. The coils are not just close
but literally right inside, with coil-magnet proximity of only a few
thousandths of an inch. With the precision magnetic field focusing
possible only with a ring magnet and superbly accurately wound coils,
the ultra tight magnet-coil coupling enables far greater electromagnetic

8. Dynamic mass minimized and coil saturation eliminated. Much
faster, more accurate stylus response to groove formation. Rising
dynamics or sharp transients never mask detail.

9. Twin coils on cantilever fulcrum. Ultra low dynamic mass and
mechanical impedance for instant, accurate reaction to every groove
detail, including the ability to handle massive transients without
overshoot or break-up.

Technical Specification Transfiguration Orpheus


Yokeless double ring magnet moving coil


Ogura PA diamond

Core / coils
Ultra grade SS-é -metal square core with 7N copper coils



Electrical output voltage
0.48mV (3.54cm/s, 1kHz)

Internal impedance

Frequency response
10Hz 20kHz + 1.5dB,é 10Hz 40kHz +2dB

Channel separation
> 30dB (200Hz 10kHz)

Channel balance

Dynamic compliance
13 x 10-6 cm/dyne

Recommended loading
> 3

Recommended tracking force

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