Tributaries Introduces UHDT TITAN HDMI Cables

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Tributaries has announced the release of its new UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. These cables are certified by DPL Labs and ISF as meeting the required 18Gbps speed to pass full 4K/60p with HDR, Deep Color, and Wide Color Gamut. The line includes both passive and active cables. The passive models are designed to reliably transmit the signal over a longer run than most passive HDMI cables; Tributaries says that the passive TITAN cable that can transport 18Gbps up to eight meters (or 26 feet). The active version works up to 25 meters (or 82 feet). Prices range from $255 to $915.


From Tributaries
Tributaries is proud to announce the UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. As more video content with HDR, Deep Color, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and 60fps becomes available, the requirement for 18Gbps HDMI cables, especially cables longer than four meters (13 ft) capable of fulfilling the promise of HDMI v2.0, becomes critical. Tributaries UHDT Titan Series will fulfill that promise.

The TITAN series is Tributaries's most advanced line of HDMI cables. The engineering encompasses two new patented developments in HDMI signal transfer; an advanced metallurgy which enables longer lengths of passive cables and active electronics equipped with a DDC accelerator and three discrete internal power supplies. These cutting-edge improvements make Tributaries TITAN cables the most stable and robust 18Gbps HDMI cables available in the market today.

The development of a passive HDMI cable that can transport 18Gbps up to 26 feet is a result, in part, of the application of advanced metallurgical engineering. This new copper formulation has high-frequency conduction characteristics far beyond standard OFC copper. As an HDMI signal operates at very high frequencies, it will travel on the surface of a conductor with very little depth of penetration. This phenomenon is known as "Skin Effect." TITAN's advanced high-conductivity copper results in lower losses than with standard OFC copper. This design has provided a method of extending the length of an 18G Passive HDMI cable from a previous longest length of four meters to more than doubling that to the new longest length of eight meters and possibly 10 meters or 33 feet.

Tributaries active UHDT cables are empowered by a patented TITAN DIGITAL module embedded in the display-end connector. This module is designed to function under HDMI 2.1 with four discrete channels, each capable of 12Gbps (an aggregate of 48Gbps). Powered by a USB cable, TITAN delivers three discrete voltages that work independently of the HDMI source's 5V supply, preventing voltage variations from the source. TITAN is also the first active solution engineered with an 18Gbps DDC accelerator designed for cables longer than 10 meters. Tributaries UHDT TITAN cables will provide guaranteed stable 18Gbps performance from 12 meters to 25 meters.

Tributaries adapted the name TITAN from the patented active module of the same name. "TITAN" defined as "... any person or thing of great size or power" is perfect for Tributaries's new UHDT line of HDMI cables. Tributaries UHDT cables are certified by DPL Labs and ISF for 18Gbps performance, and remember Tributaries is the only cable company that tests every cable before it is shipped. Totally Tributaries, Tested, Tried & Trusted.

Tributaries UHDT TITAN cables are available now in 6m & 8m Passive cables and Active cables from 12m, 15m, 20m & 25m. Retail prices range from $255 to $915.

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