Trinnov Announces IMAX Enhanced and DTS:X Pro Support

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Trinnov Announces IMAX Enhanced and DTS:X Pro Support

Trinnov Audio has announced two big new upgrades at CES, including the addition of IMAX Enhanced certification to its Altitude32 and the Altitude16 Home Theater Preamp/Optimizers, along with the addition of support for DTS:X Pro--a new object-based audio format capable of rendering 32 unique audio channels.

More details on Trinnov's implementation of IMAX Enhanced:

Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce that it will add support for the IMAX Enhanced format to its Altitude range of high-end AV preamp/processors. IMAX Enhanced is a certification and licensing program jointly created by IMAX and DTS that certifies high-end consumer electronics products for playback of digitally remastered 4K HDR content with enhanced DTS audio.

Since its introduction in 2015, the Altitude32 has been acclaimed by home theater enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. Recipient of numerous best product and best installation awards, as well as multiple rave product reviews, the Altitude32 is now firmly established as best-in-class and the market-leading processor for the finest home cinemas.

Trinnov's success has been in part built on its revolutionary hardware platform. Altitude processors use an Intel processor rather than third-party chipsets for audio processing, decoding, and rendering. This software-based approach enables Trinnov to be the only manufacturer that is able to implement new technologies directly into its products. This disruptive approach allows for unprecedented durability and upgradability, powerful advantages in a fast-changing technological ecosystem.

"Trinnov has always been fully committed to performance and durability. We recently announced the warranty of our High-End products would be extended, retroactively, to 5 years. To further fulfill this commitment, we will continue to implement the latest technologies and are extremely proud to integrate IMAX Enhanced, continuing the collaboration we started with DTS when implementing DTS-X", said Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov's co-founder, and CEO.

With audio engineers making adjustments modeled on how the IMAX theatrical sound system operates, a proprietary IMAX audio mix is translated for playback in home theatre environments and exclusively delivered using a special variant of the DTS:X codec technology.

By joining the IMAX Enhanced program, Trinnov ensures that owners of Altitude series processors will be able to select the IMAX Enhanced mode and to enjoy the best possible viewing and listening experience while watching IMAX digitally re-mastered content.

"As the manufacturer of such exclusive products, it is important to us that our customers are able to access the latest technologies, and more importantly, to be able to play all content. Watching a movie in IMAX is one of the most immersive experiences available in cinemas. As a company, we innovate every day to improve and provide a more consistent experience throughout the production chain, from studios to the end-listeners. Naturally, we are very happy to enable current and future Altitude owners to enjoy re-mastered content in their home as intended by filmmakers", added Arnaud Destinay, Director of Sales.

IMAX Enhanced will be added to the Altitude32 and the Altitude16 as a free software update in the second half of 2019.

And for more information on DTS:X Pro straight from Trinnov, read on:

Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce that its range of high-end Altitude processors will be the first to support DTS:X� Pro immersive audio technology in the home.

Object-oriented audio liberates sound designers from the limitation of a small number of fixed loudspeaker channels, whether it be 5.1 or 7.1. Instead, "sound objects" can move freely about in three-dimensional space above and around the listener, as rendered to the available loudspeakers by the surround processor. These sound objects are comprised of whatever sound the designer wishes to create along with metadata that describes both its location and its size over time. Hence, a ricocheting bullet might be tiny while shooting quickly past your ear, while thunder might roll slowly all around you as it bounces off the nearby hills. The creative possibilities are endless.

DTS:X is an immersive object-oriented audio format. In high-end commercial cinemas, DTS:X can utilize up to 64 uniquely-rendered channels (plus LFE) for astoundingly high spatial resolution and realism. Until now, however, the residential version of DTS:X has been limited to a total of 11.1 channels. Typically, this meant seven "bed" channels at listener level, an LFE channel, and four upper channels above the listening area.

Trinnov's Altitude� will be the first surround processors to offer DTS:X Pro to the high-end residential market. The Altitude32 will support up to 32 uniquely-rendered DTS:X Pro channels. It remains the only surround processor capable of rendering more than 12-16 uniquely-rendered channels, allowing for greatly increased spatial resolution and realism.

"Trinnov has been collaborating with the DTS team since 2014, leading to a first public demo of a DTS:X 22.2 system at CES 2015 on an Altitude32 processor. Our software-based platform consistently enables us to release new formats before other high-end home cinema processors. In turn, our design allows us to offer the latest technologies to our customers at their earliest availability. This was the case with DTS:X, and having worked closely with DTS, we are now very satisfied to be able to introduce DTS:X Pro as their first licensee of this technology. This accomplishment is yet another example of our commitment to high spatial resolution." said Arnaud Laborie, Trinnov's co-founder and CEO.

Trinnov's unique, software-based decoding system utilizes powerful, multi-core Intel CPUs rather relying on dedicated, third-party DSP chipsets that cannot accommodate new features. Thanks to the foresight and sophistication of its hardware and software design, the Altitude series of processors has been acclaimed by home theater enthusiasts and professionals all around the world. The Altitude32 is now firmly established as the market-leading processor for high-performance home cinemas since 2015.

"The flexibility and power of Trinnov's platform and their dedication to a premium home theater experience for their customers is why DTS partners with Trinnov for the DTS :X decoder technology portfolio", said Joanna Skrdlant, GM of Home Audio & Solutions Licensing at DTS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xperi Corporation.

By means of a simple and free software update, owners of existing Altitude processors will be able to enjoy DTS:X Pro in 2019.

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