Trinnov to Show Altitude16 Prototype at ISE

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Trinnov to Show Altitude16 Prototype at ISE

Trinnov-altitude32.pngAt the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) trade show in Amsterdam, Trinnov will show off a prototype of its new Altitude16 processor. Trinnov says the new mid-level processor will "inherit all the ground-breaking core technologies" of the higher-end, highly acclaimed Altitude32 (shown here). We'll post more details as they become available. Trinnov also announced that the Altitude32 will receive a firmware update this fall to increase support from 32 to 48 channels.

From Trinnov
Within three years, the French manufacturer Trinnov Audio has established the leading position in the High-End Home Theater market thanks to its flagship award-winning AV Processor, the Altitude32, acclaimed both by press and industry professionals around the globe. At ISE 2017, Trinnov will reveal its plan to complement its existing range of AV Processors with the addition of a new product and an optional firmware upgrade for the Altitude32.

Since its introduction, the Altitude32 has continuously received software updates, each time providing key features one step ahead of the competition: 32 discretely rendered channels for Dolby Atmos at CEDIA 2014, Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos at ISE 2015, DTS:X at CEDIA 2015, and more recently the world's first demonstration of Auro-CX at CES 2017.

This series of software updates demonstrates that building an AV Processor around an intel-based platform is the most sustainable and logical approach to AV Processor design: it ensures that our customers gain access to new technologies first, but also it prevents the inevitable obsolescence of DSP-based products.

At first, introducing a 32-channel processor may have been perceived as being extravagant, but close to a hundred projects have been designed with the 32-channel version of our processor, and many partners and customers have requested even more channels to be able to drive more multi-way speakers and subwoofers.

The experience shows us that 32 channels are, in fact, perfectly relevant and even needed to design the best High-End Home Theaters, even more so and especially if the rendering capability of the processor can enable audio reproduction with high spatial resolution.

Continuing our efforts to support high-channel count installations, we are pleased to announce that, this fall, an optional software update for the Altitude32 will enable it to provide a total of 48 channels, all without any additional hardware being required. The additional 16 output channels can be used to support up to four-way active speakers, or more subwoofers, or larger arrays of surround channels. Trinnov also expects to be the first company to provide discrete rendering of all 34 channels provided for in the Dolby Atmos specification.

The Altitude32 has yet to be challenged technologically, especially in terms of its rendering and processing, but a fully featured and capable mid-level immersive audio processor is still missing on the market. Trinnov intends to change that, and will offer a preview of its new Altitude16, which will inherit all the ground-breaking core technologies that made the Altitude32 such a remarkable success.

The Altitude16 is under development and a prototype of this new processor will be presented at the show on booth 5-U72. To be given further update about this product, please register here.

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