Published On: March 11, 2021

TV Q&A: Are some better for video gaming than others?

Published On: March 11, 2021
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TV Q&A: Are some better for video gaming than others?

Dylan Seeger answers a common Smart TV question.

TV Q&A: Are some better for video gaming than others?

  • Dylan is an expert in audio and  video reproduction with a emphasis on home theater projection.

Home Theater Review's Dylan Seeger answers common questions about Smart TVs.

If you’re a gamer, choosing the right TV is important. Input lag – or the time it takes for your display to accept, process, and ultimately display the image – varies widely between TV models. Choosing a TV with low input lag (or a TV with a low-lag picture mode, often designated as a Game mode), should be high-up on your priority list if you're a gamer, as it will decrease the time it takes for your button presses and moves to be reflected in the on-screen action.

Certain display technologies, such as OLED, offer faster pixel response time over more conventional LCD-based televisions as well. Because of this, OLED TVs add in next-to-no motion blur compared to LCD TVs, thus potentially providing gamers more visible motion resolution that can be important for competitive play. So, opting for an OLED television might be a smart choice if you play a lot of games.

Gamers should also look for a TV with HDMI 2.1 inputs, as this next generation interconnect standard has added benefits for them.

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