Published On: June 15, 2009

Two New Denon Network iPod Docks

Published On: June 15, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Two New Denon Network iPod Docks

The two latest Network-Enabled iPod Docks have been introduced by Denon Electronics. The ASD-51W and ASD-51N both have Apple iPod command and control as well as several new capabilities and features.

Two New Denon Network iPod Docks

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Denon Electronics just introduced two new Network-Enabled iPod Docks, models ASD-51W and ASD-51N, both with Apple® iPod command and control, as well as a host of new capabilities and features. Both the ASD-51W (SRP: $299.99) and ASD-51N (SRP: $249.99) are scheduled for August 2009 availability.

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Connectivity to Rhapsody and Napster Music Services
Building on the capabilities and benefits of Denon's predecessor ASD-3N/W models, the ASD-51N and ASD-51W add exciting new features that give users an even greater level of network connectivity to many A/V components, including A/V receivers, video display products and single speaker solutions, allowing them to stream audio files, pictures, Internet radio stations and more through the connected devices. Notably, both new devices let users stream music from Internet Radio sources, as well as provide connection to Rhapsody• and Napster music services (subscription required) and other network attached storage devices. As with the ASD-3N/W, the devices recharge the iPod while in dock.

New Features Geared Toward Custom Integrators
Both new Denon Network-Enabled iPod Docks were engineered with a variety of features and capabilities designed to help professional custom integrators better serve their clients. For example, they offer IP Control (AMX / Crestron), Web Remote Control, and iPod audio streaming to new Denon networked products. In addition, a new Multi-Zone Management feature allows custom installers to quickly and easily perform a status check of all networked Denon products. Both models also feature a special "Party Mode" multi-zone network streaming management system for use with new Denon A/V receivers that allows users to enjoy music throughout the home played simultaneously in up to five Denon devices on the network.

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Windows 7, Plus Automatic Wi-Fi Connectivity and More
In addition to having Rhapsody and Napster connectivity, the new Denon
iPod docks provide Windows 7 connectivity and overall faster networking
capabilities. Notably, the ASD-51W adds Wi-Fi (11b/g)
connectivity and WPS compatibility (Wi-Fi protected setup). This easy
solution for wireless connectivity allows users to quickly connect the
ASD-51W to the wireless router and automatically start communication
and authentications without having to enter any password or SSID input.
Adding to their flexibility and convenience, both new products also
feature Digital Coaxial Output and Last Function Memory. For additional
networking flexibility, the units feature an Ethernet port.

To minimize "remote control clutter," both devices connect to any
Denon receiver using the dock control port and give users command and
control of their iPod via the receiver's remote control. Whether
connected to a current Denon receiver or other product, audio and video
signals are sent via analog audio output and S-Video to the respective
inputs on a connected device in order to view the GUI and hear the
audio. The two models include a remote control and feature a screen
saver and a newly designed GUI for displaying meta-data, full-color
album artwork and user photos. The GUI will support English, German,
French and Spanish languages for both GUI text as well as meta-data
from the iPod and other streaming media.

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