Published On: June 19, 2024

URC Integrates with WiiM for Enhanced Control and Automation

Published On: June 19, 2024
Last Updated on: June 25, 2024
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URC Integrates with WiiM for Enhanced Control and Automation

URC and WiiM have partnered to integrate their systems, offering enhanced control and automation for both residential and commercial settings.

URC Integrates with WiiM for Enhanced Control and Automation

URC (Universal Remote Control) and WiiM have unveiled a new, certified integration designed to streamline control and automation for both residential and commercial environments. This collaboration aims to deliver a seamless and intuitive experience by combining the strengths of URC's Total Control system with various WiiM audio products, including the WiiM Amp, WiiM Pro, WiiM Pro Plus, and WiiM Mini.

“This integration is a natural fit of two brands with similar goals of choice and affordability. Combining WiiM streaming devices and Total Control, URC’s certified dealers can efficiently install premium, highly customized systems with world class, premium audio,” stated Lars Granoe, URC’s VP Product Development.

Elevated Audio and Control Experience: The primary benefit of this integration is the enhanced audio experience it offers. WiiM is renowned for its high-fidelity streaming audio, and when paired with URC's High-Definition Audio (HDA), users can expect studio-quality sound. This integration ensures that homeowners and businesses can enjoy superior audio performance while maintaining easy and efficient control over their systems.

Unified Device Management: The integration allows users to manage a wide range of devices through a single interface provided by URC's Total Control system. This unified function minimizes the need for multiple controllers and remotes, simplifying the user experience. With Total Control, users can operate various interfaces and sub-systems effortlessly, whether they are at home or in a commercial setting.

Hands-Free Operation: URC's voice command capabilities add another layer of convenience. Users can control their entertainment devices and other connected systems using simple voice commands, acting as a virtual remote. This feature enhances the hands-free operation, making it easier to activate devices and manage their environments without physical interaction.

WiiM Pro Plus Music Streamer

Affordable and High-Quality Integration: Both URC and WiiM are committed to offering high-quality products at attractive prices. This integration continues that tradition by providing an affordable choice for consumers and businesses. The agnostic integration approach ensures that users can enjoy great audio and control systems without having to invest in additional expensive hardware.

Advanced Scenes and Voice Events: The Total Control system is known for its ability to execute complex scenes and voice events. With the WiiM integration, users can create and manage various scenarios, such as announcing visitors, hosting parties, or setting up movie nights. These scenes combine WiiM's high-fidelity audio with other devices, enhancing the overall automation experience.

Secure Remote Access for Dealers: For installers and service providers, the integration offers secure remote access. This feature allows dealers to troubleshoot, monitor, and adjust the Total Control system remotely, provided they have user approval. This capability ensures that any issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, reducing downtime and maintaining system performance.

Dr. Lifeng Zhao, CEO of WiiM said: “We are thrilled to partner with URC to bring our high-fidelity audio solutions to their advanced control and automation systems. This collaboration enhances the smart home experience, offering our users seamless integration and unparalleled convenience, which our team stands for.”

If you are interested in buying WiiM audio products, they are available at the following prices:

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