Published On: October 4, 2023

Vicoustic Expands Acoustic Solutions with VicStrip Square

Published On: October 4, 2023
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Vicoustic Expands Acoustic Solutions with VicStrip Square

Vicoustic takes another leap forward in acoustic design with the VicStrip Square, a wood-free slat panel combining environmental consciousness with enhanced flexibility.

Vicoustic Expands Acoustic Solutions with VicStrip Square

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In a move to meet the growing demand for customizable acoustic solutions, Vicoustic, the industry leader in acoustic panel innovation, has introduced the VicStrip Square—a 60x60cm slat panel designed to enhance flexibility in sound control applications.

Building upon the success of their acclaimed VicStrip acoustic slat panel, which is known for its eco-friendly construction using recycled laminated PET, Vicoustic has expanded its product line to cater to a broader spectrum of design needs. 

The VicStrip Square comes in response to the popularity of the 240cm and 270cm versions, offering a more adaptable 60x60cm size. This smaller panel allows for greater flexibility in designing acoustic environments, enabling users to combine different sizes, cover specific surfaces, and experiment with various panel dispositions.

The panel's shorter length makes it exceptionally versatile, facilitating easy cutting and adjustment to fit any setting. This newfound flexibility opens up a range of possibilities for architects, interior designers, and acoustic professionals seeking tailored solutions for their projects.

As with its predecessor, the VicStrip Square is crafted from sustainable sources, featuring VicPET Wool—a non-woven textile primarily derived from recycled plastic bottles. This commitment to using recycled materials not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also ensures optimal acoustic performance for enhanced comfort.

VicStrip Square in six different colors: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut, Lincoln Walnut, White Matte, and Black Matte

The wood-free construction of VicStrip Square makes it lightweight and easy to manipulate, providing an alternative to traditional slat panels. The addition of a layer of laminate, industrially bonded to the PET, allows for the reproduction of patterns resembling natural wood, as well as black or white matte finishes. Installation is simplified with the absence of metal nails, and the nearly invisible joints add to the aesthetic appeal.

VicStrip Square, like its predecessor, upholds stringent indoor air quality standards. The original VicStrip line received the Indoor Advantage Gold Certification from SCS Global Services for Building Materials. This certification attests that the panel meets the Air Quality Performance Standard recommended for scenarios such as school classrooms and offices, making it an ideal choice for green building projects.

The VicStrip Square extends the design possibilities of contemporary styling decorative wall panels. Whether used in offices, restaurants, hotels, or homes, it provides a design-embellished solution while simultaneously addressing the challenge of sound reverberation. 

VicStrip Square main features:

  • Lightweight, making it easy to transport, and apply, offering a less expensive shipment
  • Easy to cut and readjust to the room’s requirements
  • Can be glued or screwed to walls and ceilings
  • Free of wood, metal nails, and with joints almost invisible
  • Sustainable, by being manufactured with VicPET Wool, a material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles
  • Low-emissions material, for good air quality, meeting the human-ecological requirements established for baby articles, without irritating skin or eyes
  • A green product suitable for green project certification
  • Sound absorption properties to control medium and high frequencies, engineered at Vicoustic research lab for VicPET Wool
  • Humidity resistant with no dust generation during handling
  • Washable and easy to clean, simply by using a sponge and water
  • Fits perfectly with the rest of the Vicoustic product range

Available in dimensions of 595x595x12mm / 23.4''x23.4''x0.4'', the VicStrip Square is offered in six distinct patterns: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut, Lincoln Walnut, White Matte, and Black Matte. This array of design options ensures compatibility with various interior styles, making it suitable for offices, restaurants, hotels, and homes.

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