Published On: January 9, 2024

Victrola Presents Two New Turntables at CES 2024: Victrola Stream Sapphire and Victrola Automatic

Published On: January 9, 2024
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Victrola Presents Two New Turntables at CES 2024: Victrola Stream Sapphire and Victrola Automatic

In a significant announcement at CES 2024, Victrola introduces its latest offerings in the world of vinyl, the Victrola Stream Sapphire and the Victrola Automatic turntables.

Victrola Presents Two New Turntables at CES 2024: Victrola Stream Sapphire and Victrola Automatic

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Victrola has made a significant splash at CES 2024 with the introduction of two new turntables that cater to a wide range of audiophile preferences and budgets. The company unveiled the Victrola Stream Sapphire, an audiophile's dream turntable with expanded connectivity options, and the Victrola Automatic, a user-friendly and affordable turntable designed for vinyl enthusiasts.

The Victrola Stream Sapphire, positioned as the flagship of their wireless turntable range, builds upon the success of the Stream Carbon from the previous year. It takes wireless playback to the next level by incorporating various connectivity options, making it a standout choice for those seeking a versatile audio experience.

One of the remarkable features of the Stream Sapphire is its compatibility with Roon and Sonos, along with UPnP support, allowing users to stream their vinyl records wirelessly throughout their homes without the need for additional equipment. 

This extends the seamless integration with Sonos network players and opens up possibilities to connect to a broader range of devices, including AV receivers, smart TVs, and UPnP-enabled speakers.

The Stream Sapphire also enhances the digital-to-analog conversion quality, offering 24-bit/48kHz lossless FLAC audio support. This improvement in audio quality complements its already impressive streaming capabilities. For those who prefer a more traditional setup, the turntable still offers RCA inputs for connecting to analog systems or powered speakers.

Victrola Stream Sapphire turntable

Designed for both aesthetics and performance, the Stream Sapphire features a low-resonance MDF plinth with a real walnut veneer, adjustable height aluminum feet for self-leveling and isolation, and a two-speed brushless motor. It comes equipped with an Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge attached to a removable headshell and carbon-fiber tonearm, ensuring high-quality sound reproduction.

“The Victrola Stream turntable line was created out of a need to provide a seamless, integrated wireless solution to enjoy vinyl no matter where the listener is in their home," said Scott Hagen, CEO of Victrola. 

“After hearing from both consumers and the integrator community, we recognized an opportunity to build on that promise by opening our ecosystem to include other popular streaming options while also elevating the turntable itself to a level we’ve never introduced in the market before. Victrola Stream Sapphire is a perfectly crafted audiophile-level wireless vinyl solution that meets vinyl purists’ standards while giving integrators the most versatile turntable for any project.”

The Victrola Stream Sapphire is expected to be available in Spring 2024, with a price tag of $1,499.99.

On the more budget-friendly end of Victrola's new offerings is the Victrola Automatic, a fully automatic turntable designed for ease of use. This turntable simplifies the vinyl listening experience with features that appeal to both newcomers and vinyl enthusiasts.

Victrola Automatic turntable

The Victrola Automatic offers a convenient automatic lift-and-lower tonearm function, eliminating the need for manual queueing of records. Additionally, it includes Bluetooth connectivity for wireless playback and introduces a unique "Repeat" feature. 

This feature allows users to continuously replay the same side of a vinyl record, eliminating interruptions and the need for manual tonearm resets during extended listening sessions.

The turntable's hardware features a belt-driven design with a fixed headshell and counterweight for a straightforward setup. It also includes a built-in switchable preamp, ensuring compatibility with both wired receiver-based systems and powered speakers. The cartridge used is the Audio-Technica AT-3600L, known for its reliable performance.

“Our team has been working on a fully automatic turntable design for over three years,” Haagen said. “But we weren’t going to release it to the market until we had something that looks better, performs better, and is easier to use than any other turntable on the market in its class. Three years later, I’m more than confident to say Victrola has delivered.”

The Victrola Automatic is also expected to hit the market in Spring 2024, with a price tag of $199.99.

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