Published On: December 1, 2010

VidaBox to Display Wide Array of Products at ISE 2011

Published On: December 1, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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VidaBox to Display Wide Array of Products at ISE 2011

Microsoft Media Center wasn't the revolutionary, take over the industry solution oh so many thought it would be but that hasn't stopped a few companies like VidaBox from using it as the backbone of their products. Vidabox is arguably the new king of all things Media Center PC and their new lineup looks pretty impressive.

VidaBox to Display Wide Array of Products at ISE 2011

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At ISE 2011 - Integrated Systems Europe, Europe's largest show for integrators - VidaBox will be showcasing products across its entire line of integrator-friendly solutions.

Among these products is the Liiv Controller with vAutomation 2.0, which turns any iPad into a touchscreen interface. vAutomation 2.0 makes its debut at ISE 2011 powered by LiivController, which is available as an entry-level tabletop control box or comes in a 2U rack-mount system configuration. Any iPad can access the LiivController via Wifi, turning the system into a touchscreen interface for control over any and all components. The vAutomation 2.0 interface can be used to control any VidaBox media center, giving users access to Blu-rays, DVDs, Netflix, and more. The system also allows users to browse media in the cover flow sytle that should be familiar for Apple users. The rack-mount version also allows the iPad to control up to eight zones of synchronized multiroom audio.

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Also to be shown are VidaBox's on-wall iPad mounting solutions. The iPad mounts feature slim, sleek 19-mm aluminum frames in seven different colors and finishes. The on-wall mounts features the iPower charging station - a custom engineered solution available from VidaBox - to deliver power to up to four iPad-compatible power feeds over CAT5.

VidaBox will also introduce the latest addition to its family of Blu-ray and DVD media extenders: the RoomClientV2. The new media extender a 38-mm profile and a slot-loading disc drive. The RoomClientV2 streams Blu-ray, DVD, music, or photos stored on any VidaBox server over a CAT 5e/6 connection. Users can also access online content from Netflix, XM radio, Napster, and other streaming sites.

Along with the RoomClientV2, VidaBox will showcase the ThinClientV2 Blu-ray and DVD media extender, the next generation of the ThinClientHD. The new model preserves the miniature form factor of its predecessor, but adds enhanced Blu-ray playback. Users will be presented with the same on-screen interface and familiar features such as Blu-ray, DVD, and CD sorting by cover or album art, Netflix and IP content streams, one-touch picture slideshows, and more.

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