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ViennaAcoustics-schoenberg-review.gifVienna Acoustics makes some of the finest looking loudspeakers available today and the Schonberg Loudspeaker, reviewed here, is no exception. Retailing for $1,495 a pair, clad in either silver or piano black lacquer, the Schonberg's are a design tour de force. The Schonberg is a two-way floor standing or wall mountable loudspeaker (wall mounting hardware sold separately) designed to compliment a modern lifestyle and home theater with their shallow depth (just three and a half inches), smooth flowing lines and beautifully crafted cabinet.

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The Schonberg features a single, one-inch silk dome tweeter resting next to one of its two six inch XPP bass/midrange drivers. The Schonberg is a bass reflex or ported speaker giving it a reported frequency response of 40-25Hz. Like most Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers, the Schonberg is relatively easy to drive with its 91dB sensitivity rating and four-Ohm load, making it an ideal speaker for an AV receiver based home theater. Vienna Acoustics recommends having anywhere between 30-200 watts per channel on tap in order to get the most from the Schonberg.

In terms of sound the Schonberg, much like other Vienna Acoustics loudspeakers, are silky smooth with a slightly laid back and polite demeanor making long listening sessions, even at higher than normal levels, an absolute treat. In terms of bass the Schonberg is surprising given its internal volume, small driver compliment and unique ported design. While not a window rattler by any means the Schonberg does have a fair amount of bass, not to mention control and texture throughout its lower registers, just don't expect it to plunge into the lowest octaves; you'll need a capable subwoofer for that.

Read about the high points and the low points of the Schonberg on Page 2.

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