Published On: December 1, 2023

ViewSonic M10 Projector with Harman Kardon and Triple Laser Technology Unveiled

Published On: December 1, 2023
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ViewSonic M10 Projector with Harman Kardon and Triple Laser Technology Unveiled

ViewSonic unveils the M10 projector, a compact marvel featuring triple laser technology and immersive Harman Kardon audio.

ViewSonic M10 Projector with Harman Kardon and Triple Laser Technology Unveiled

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ViewSonic is set to make waves with the announcement of its latest creation, the M10 compact projector. This new device combines advanced features, including a triple laser light source, Full HD visuals with HDR/HLG support, and integrated Harman Kardon sound. The ViewSonic M10 projector aims to redefine home entertainment, offering a compelling blend of color-rich imagery and immersive audio.

Unlike conventional laser projectors that utilize a single blue laser, the ViewSonic M10 projector adopts a revolutionary approach. It integrates individual red, green, and blue lasers into a single compact unit, covering an impressive 100% of the BT.2020 color gamut. This not only exceeds the standards set for cinema-grade displays adhering to DCI-P3 but also promises more vibrant and lifelike colors for a truly cinematic experience.

The ViewSonic M10 projector boasts a brightness output of 2,200 lumens, ensuring clear visuals even in well-lit environments. With its ability to throw Full HD images at a maximum size of 180 diagonal inches, the projector offers versatility in display sizes. Positioned at 8.7 feet away, users can enjoy a substantial 100-inch screen, making it suitable for various viewing preferences.

ViewSonic M10 projector features Harman Kardon Audio.

"Amid the flourishing home entertainment market, projectors have become a preferred choice that fits into today's varied lifestyle, offering larger and more flexible screens compared to TVs," said Dean Tsai, General Manager of Projector & LED Display Business Unit at ViewSonic. 

"To offer users greater flexibility in shaping their audiovisual spaces, we design a compact model with advanced RGB laser technology. The M10's launch redefines the portable projector market, showcasing our unwavering commitment to innovation and product excellence."

Equipped with time-of-flight sensing for rapid autofocus and auto horizontal/vertical keystone correction, the M10 prioritizes user-friendly setup. While lacking a built-in smart TV platform, it compensates with Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless content casting from smart devices and other media sources. HDMI and USB ports further enhance its versatility, accommodating popular streaming devices from manufacturers like Apple, Roku, and Amazon.

ViewSonic M10 projector features Autofocus and auto keystone correction.

The ViewSonic M10 projector isn't just about visuals, as the integrated 7-Watt Harman Kardon Cube speaker delivers impressive audio quality, creating an immersive audiovisual experience. Additionally, the projector supports Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, allowing users to pair wireless headphones for private listening or use it as a Bluetooth speaker when visuals take a back seat.

Measuring a compact 7.95 x 6.5 x 3.6 inches, the M10 is described as a portable projector, emphasizing convenience. However, it's essential to note that it lacks a built-in battery, requiring users to consider proximity to a power source or utilize an extension lead. The package includes a Bluetooth remote with backlighting, enhancing usability in various lighting conditions.

As of now, ViewSonic has not disclosed pricing or availability details for the M10 projector, but you can find out more about the product on the company's official website. Until then, the ViewSonic X1 is still available at a 20% discount at Amazon.

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