Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Screen Reviewed

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Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Screen Reviewed

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VA ProjectoScreen case.jpgNext, I moved the screen indoors to my testing room, where I grabbed my X-rite I1Pro 2 meter to do some quick brightness and color temperature tests, using a calibrated JVC DLA-X500R projector. In terms of brightness uniformity, the outer edges of the screen were one or two foot-lamberts dimmer than the center in some spots, but this isn't something that's obvious to the naked eye, especially not in a casual outdoor viewing environment. In a direct comparison with my reference Visual Apex VAPEX9100SE�1.1-gain screen, I could see that the outdoor material was just a little cooler (or bluer) with test patterns. Measurements confirmed this, showing the outdoor material to be about 475 degrees cooler, which is not excessive by any means and can be easily compensated for in projector setup. Then again, bluer looks brighter to our eyes, and brighter is better in an outdoor viewing environment.

The quality of the screen material was pristine enough to enjoy an image with good detail, but I will add that the crease running across the middle of the screen was more noticeable in the more formal, light-controlled environment of my theater room than it was when I used the screen outside, particularly with brighter, lightly colored content. However, its visibility did lessen as the material spent more time in the frame. Visual Apex recommends that you expose the black side of the screen to direct, warm sunlight to remove creases more quickly.�

High Points
� The ProjectoScreen120HD is easy to set up and take down, and its build quality is better than expected at this price point.
� Image quality is good, with solid brightness and color uniformity.
� You get a lot of screen for a little cash.
� There's a helpful setup video on the Visual Apex website.
� The carrying case allows for easy transport and storage.

Low Points
� Because the vinyl material arrives folded, creases are visible in the early-goings.
� The material needs to be stretched into the frame, which requires some effort. The manual says to do the corners first, but it's much easier to start on one side of the frame and work your way across.
� The owner's manual is poorly written.

Competition and Comparison
The prime competitor to the ProjectoScreen is the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Series, which has similar build and setup and is available in sizes of 100, 120, and 135 inches. The 120-inch model is priced around $211. Camp Chef also offers a variety of outdoor screens. Retailers like Home Depot�and Walmart�offer value-oriented inflatable outdoor screens, if you don't mind your theater screen looking a bit like a bounce house.

Whether you're preparing for a company picnic, a church social, a community potluck, or just a family movie night in the backyard, Visual Apex's ProjectoScreen120HD is a great outdoor screen solution offered at a great price. Thanks to its good performance and build quality, it can also serve as the foundation for a value-oriented indoor theater. The detachable legs allow you to easily wall-mount it as a permanent fixed-frame screen, but its smart design makes it best suited for someone who's in need of a portable screen that's easy to set up and break down on a regular basis.

Additional Resources
Visual Apex VAPEX9100SE Electric Screen
reviewed at
Visual Apex website, a great resource for projectors, screens, and more.

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