Vizio E3D470VX 47-inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV Reviewed

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Vizio E3D470VX 47-inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV Reviewed

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High Points
• At its price the E3D470VX is very competitive in both performance and feature set, which includes built in WiFi, Internet Apps and a brilliant 3D picture.
• The E3D470VX comes with two pairs of passive 3D glasses. Should you need to purchase more or replace a broken or misplaced pair, they're both cheap and easy to come by. You can even use RealD glasses from your local theater at home on your E3D470VX for the two utilize the same 3D technology.
• As good as the E3D470VX is at 3D, it's also a very capable 2D set and one that should provide hours of hassle free enjoyment between 3D viewings due to the still current lack of meaningful 3D content.
• The E3D470VX's onscreen menus are among the best and make critical tasks such as image calibration a breeze.
• The preloaded Internet Apps on the E3D470VX are nice, perfect if you're addicted to sites like Facebook or prefer to stream your favorite films courtesy of Netflix. However, I must warn you, streaming content in no way compares to the quality and resolution of Blu-ray or even HD broadcast.

Low Points
• The E3D470VX takes a while to warm up and acquire a signal, which is frustrating to say the least.
• The E3D470VX's Ambient Light Sensor technology is far too noticeable and jarring to be worth it. Luckily it can be turned off, which you'll want to do.
• In order to take full advantage of the E3D470VX's menus and Internet feature set you'll have to use the remote which sadly is a piece of junk, especially the full Qwerty keyboard on the back.
• The E3D470VX internal speakers are somewhat of a joke if you're relying on them to create a cinema experience at home. At the very least you should mate the E3D470VX with an affordable soundbar, or better yet an affordable 5.1 speaker system for a true home theater experience.
• While the E3D470VX's overall image quality is good, it doesn't possess Panasonic-like black levels nor brilliant whites free of vignette-like effects; still for its price the E3D470VX is quite good.

Competition and Comparisons
At just under $900 retail the E3D470VX has a few competitors in the 3D space. Both Samsung and Panasonic offer similar sized 3D displays around the E3D470VX's asking price. Samsung's 51-inch 3D HDTV plasma (PN51D490A1) has a street price of $899, however it's a 720p display and doesn't feature the latest passive 3D technology nor does it provide for any type of Internet connectivity.

With regards to Panasonic, their 42-inch VIERA 1080p 3D LED HDTV is a bit more than the Vizio E3D470VX with a street price of $989.99 thanks to its LED backlighting. Still the Panasonic is an active 3D design and while it allows for Internet connectivity it does not have WiFi capabilities built in like the Vizio.

LG now offers a host of passive 3D displays, including a 47-inch set in the 47LW5600; however unlike the E3D470VX it uses LED backlighting but also costs considerably more at $1,699.99. I've demoed some of LG's passive 3D displays and found their 2D performance to be superb, however I feel they come up short in terms of their 3D performance when compared to the Vizio's E3D470VX.

For more information on 3D HDTVs including the latest news and reviews please visit Home Theater Review's 3D HDTV page.

At $899.99 retail the Vizio E3D470VX E-Series 47-inch Class Theater 3D LCD HDTV is a winner in more ways than one. As a 2D display the E3D470VX can more than hold its own with the competition providing an accurate and natural image that appears more organic and cinematic in its rendering than anything you're going to find at its asking price. In terms of its 3D performance, the E3D470VX is this reviewer's current favorite, providing for 3D enjoyment that's crisp and flicker free but more importantly not nauseating. While I still think 3D is not an all-encompassing experience in the home as it is in a theater, the E3D470VX at least manages to make it enjoyable and trouble free. The E3D470VX's built in WiFi is a nice addition and the included Internet Apps are functional and convenient - though I can't say the same for the E3D470VX's remote, which almost manages to ruin the day. Still, at and even a bit above its asking price, the E3D470VX is a good 2D and 3D HDTV and worth your consideration. 

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