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Vizio_SV470XVT.jpgThe XVT Series marks the first appearance of 120Hz technology in Vizio LCD HDTVs. The line includes screen sizes of 42, 47, and 55 inches; given that these are Vizio displays, it should come as no surprise that all three models are more than competitively priced for 120Hz TVs at their respective screen sizes. The 47-inch, 1080p SV470XVT is priced at just $1,399.99. We have not performed a hands-on review of this product, but here is an overview of the TV's features.

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Obviously, the marquee feature is a 120Hz frame rate, designed to reduce motion blur with faster-moving content; Vizio also incorporates what it calls Smooth Motion technology to reduce judder in film-based sources and produce smoother, cleaner motion.

In terms of video connections, the SV470XVT is well endowed, including four HDMI, two component video, and one PC input, plus a single RF input to access the internal NTSC, ATSC, and Clear-QAM tuners. The HDMI inputs accept both 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 signals, and Vizio places two HDMI inputs and one component video input on the side panel for easy access. The side panel also features a special TX input that allows you to add Vizio's optional wireless speaker kit, which includes two surround speakers and a subwoofer. The SV470XVT lacks the digital-media connections you can find on other HDTVs, such as a USB port, an SD card slot, or an Ethernet port to access streaming media or Web content. Vizio does offer numerous picture-in-picture options and a limited program guide for tuned channels.

The video setup menu includes a solid amount of picture controls. There are nine picture modes, including expected modes like standard, movie, vivid, game, and custom but also adding four unique options labeled football, golf, basketball, and baseball. You can tell who Vizio's target audience is. In addition to basic picture controls like color, tint, contrast, and brightness, you get an adjustable backlight, noise reduction, and four color-temperature settings, including a custom mode through which you can adjust global red, green, and blue to dial in a more accurate white balance. The addition of 120Hz and Smooth Motion technology adds two new options to the menu: The Real Cinema setting lets you dictate an initial setting of Off, Precision, or Smooth; then, the Smooth Motion menu lets you dictate the level of intensity of the Smooth setting. This allows you to better tailor the effects to your liking, adding more or less motion interpolation to film sources. Finally, the TV has four aspect-ratio options (normal, wide, zoom, and panoramic); the wide mode shows 1080i/1080p signals with no overscan, but there's no mode that crops the signal to remove potential noise (especially in TV signals) around the picture's edges.

On the audio side, the setup menu includes five preset audio modes, plus an equalizer to fine-tune various frequencies. SRS TruSurround XT is available, as is a lip sync function to sync audio and video signals. Should you choose to add the optional speaker kit, the menu includes setup options for that, as well. The TV itself sports three 10-watt speakers along the bottom of the cabinet, which has a glossy black finish and non-swiveling base.

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