Published On: June 15, 2010

VIZIO to Demonstrate Products to Access 2D/3D Entertainment, Information, and Social Networking at CEA Line Shows 2010

Published On: June 15, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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VIZIO to Demonstrate Products to Access 2D/3D Entertainment, Information, and Social Networking at CEA Line Shows 2010

Products with a wide range of purposes will be shown off by the HDTV and consumer electronics company VIZIO as part of the company's presence at the June 22-23, 2010 New York City CEA Line Shows. Connected Internet Apps are slated to be a highlight.

VIZIO to Demonstrate Products to Access 2D/3D Entertainment, Information, and Social Networking at CEA Line Shows 2010

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VIZIO, an HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, has announced that it will be showcasing its Connected Internet Apps (VIA) HDTVs and 2D and 3D solutions at CEA Line Shows, June 22-23, 2010 in New York City. The company will showcase its line of Internet Apps (VIA) TruLED and Razor LED LCD TVs and Blu-ray 3D players. Some of the other "great for the holidays" surprises at the show will be a preview of VIZIO's headphone lineup and portable LED TVs in 7" and 9" sizes.

As part of its Executive Sponsorship of the CEA event, VIZIO Chief Sales Officer and Co-founder, Laynie Newsome will present VIZIO's vision at a press conference Tuesday, June 22 at 3:00pm.

"VIZIO is focusing on convenient, easy-to-use technologies to access the best in entertainment, information, and social networking - our CEA Line Show sponsorship will demonstrate these solutions," stated Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Chief Sales Officer. "Key to these are our Active and Passive 3D TVs, VIZIO Internet Apps Connected HDTVs and Blu-ray Players along with our Wireless Audio Eco-system that deliver the best of today's content to consumers in ways that they can easily enjoy."

VIZIO to Demonstrate Active and Passive Type 3D TVs and Wireless 3D Blu-ray Player

On display at VIZIO's CEA Line Show are their new line of 3D HDTVs. VIZIO will showcase two 3D televisions that demonstrate Active and Passive 3D HDTV solutions. The 55" TruLED Active 3D HDTV incorporates a frame sequential display and active-shutter glasses that work together with VIZIO's 480Hz SPS high frame rate technology for FullHD 3D images. The VIZIO 65" Passive 3D HDTV offers less expensive polarized glasses. One of several VIZIO VIA Connected Blu-ray players on display, the VBR330 delivers 2D and 3D entertainment.

VIZIO XWH100 Dual-Band HD Wireless Internet Router

VIZIO's router provides wireless streaming of HD movies, TV episodes, music and more right to Internet HDTVs. The VIZIO Dual-Band HD Wireless Internet Router helps prevent loading delays while viewing online movies or TV shows. It also connects other Internet devices like Blu-ray players, smart phones, laptops and game consoles. With a low profile design, the XWH100 features a USB port to connect a hard drive to share access to videos, photos and more.

VIZIO Internet Apps TVs in Popular Sizes (22" to 55")

VIZIO will display its 55" XVT Series TruLED HDTV along with the M261VP 26" Razor LEDLCD HDTV with VIZIO Internet Apps. It and its sister, the M220NV, are small Internet-enabled HDTVs that put the web right on a TV screen, offering on-demand movies, TV shows, social networking, music, photos and more. With built-in WiFi (802.11n) for set-up, the M261VP also boasts full 1080p HD with Razor LED backlighting and a thin design.

VIZIO's Wireless Audio Eco-system

VIZIO's VHT510 5.1 Home Theater Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer offers a slim profile design that fits under a flat screen TV. Its wireless subwoofer goes anywhere in your home theater up to 60 feet away and connects two satellite speakers for surround sound. And for discrete listening needs, VIZIO's Wireless Home Theater Headphones sync with the VIZIO sound bar and employ active noise cancellation.

For more information, please call 888-VIZIOCE or visit on the web at

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