Published On: November 2, 2012

Vizio Unveils Holiday PC Lineup

Published On: November 2, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Vizio Unveils Holiday PC Lineup

Vizio has continued the company's foray into the home computer market with an all new line of PCs, compatible with Windows 8. The really impressive features have to do with the display.

Vizio Unveils Holiday PC Lineup

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Vizio-2012-PCs-small.jpgVIZIO recently announced its holiday line-up of Windows 8-based PCs, highlighted by a 24" and 27" All-in-One Touch PC with 10-finger capacitive touchscreen displays. Equipped with full HD 1080p displays and a 2.1 audio system with subwoofer, the VIZIO All-in-One Touch PC brings entertainment directly to the user's fingertips. 

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Along with the introduction of the 24" and 27" All-in-One Touch PCs, VIZIO's PC lineup includes two Ultrabooks and a Notebook - the VIZIO 14" and 15.6" Thin + Light and 15.6" Notebook. Both the Thin + Light and Notebook models feature an enhanced multi-gesture touchpad that allows users the ability to navigate Windows 8's touch-centric features using the same swipe, tap and pinch gestures as they would on the screen of the All-in-One PC.

Leveraging its HDTV background, VIZIO developed these PCs with picture quality in mind, as well as high contrast and wider viewing angles at the forefront. The custom-tuned SRS Premium Sound HD audio system delivers reportedly rich, resonant sound. In addition, select models feature NVIDIA Kepler-Class GeForce GPU graphics for those who need the added performance boost of discrete graphics processing.

The PC line-up uses the third generation Intel Core processors, with the Thin + Light starting at $849 and the All-in-One Touch PCs starting at $998. The 15.6" Notebook is also available, offering maximum performance along with the Full HD display, starting at $1,129.

Consumers can find the VIZIO All-in-One Touch PCs with Windows 8 on as well as at key retailers such as Walmart,, Sam's Club, and this holiday. The VIZIO Thin + Lights are now available on

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