Vizio VSB205 Home Theater Soundbar Reviewed

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Vizio VSB205 Home Theater Soundbar Reviewed

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High Points
• Vizio makes some of the nicer looking soundbars available today and the VSB205, despite being the smallest and least expensive, steps up to the plate with looks befitting its costlier stable mates.
• The VSB205 is one of the easiest soundbars to install and live with day-to-day. 
• Out of the box Vizio gives you everything you need to enjoy the VSB205 in your home including the hardware to wall mount the VSB205 should you wish to.
• In smaller rooms and when played at reasonable volumes the VSB205's sound quality is rather surprising -even its bass, which on paper is non-existent, was rather pleasing.

Low Points
• If you're looking for a soundbar to mate to your new 50-inch HDTV and don't have the money for something larger don't buy the VSB205, save your money and get one of Vizio's larger soundbars for you'll be disappointed if you expect too much from the VSB205. 
• The VSB205 does not have the ability to decode or playback even Dolby Digital soundtracks -that's a feature reserved for more expensive soundbars. 
• There is no way to add a subwoofer to the VSB205 in order to augment its lack of bass. 
• The VSB205's remote is handy and fully functional but it's cheap and because of its size is easily misplaced.

Competition and Comparisons
While most soundbars are inexpensive it's difficult finding one that is roughly $100 in price like the VSB205. There's the iLive IT209B, which retails for $149 and comes with a motorized, built-in iPod dock and digital clock display. Unfortunately, the iLive doesn't sound as good nor does it appear to be built to the same standard as the VSB205, which is saying something considering they're both bare bones, affordable products. You could always step it up a notch (or two) and still not go broke by taking a peek at Samsung's HW-D450, which like the VSB205 is a two-channel soundbar though the Samsung includes a wireless powered subwoofer to augment the bass. The Samsung retails for $349.00, which is three times more than the VSB205 but then again it does possess three times the performance. Of course if you like Vizio you could always step up to Vizio's VHT-210 soundbar and subwoofer combo, which retails for $269.99.

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If you're looking to add a bit more punch to your small bedroom or den HDTV but don't want to go broke in the process then look no further than the VSB205 soundbar from Vizio. The VSB205 is affordable, easy to install, easy to use and provided you don't turn it up too loud, easy to live with too. The VSB205's sound quality is solid when played back at reasonable volumes and should provide you with all the added oomph needed to elevate your HDTVs sound performance to that next level.

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