Published On: September 30, 2012

Vutec Launches New SilverStar SSX Screen

Published On: September 30, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Vutec Launches New SilverStar SSX Screen

Vutec is a maker of many different projector screens. Among the company's offerings is the ambient light rejecting SilverStar series. Vutec has expanded on that very series with the SilverStar SSX.

Vutec Launches New SilverStar SSX Screen

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Vutec-SilverStar-SSX-projector-screen-small.jpgVutec Corporation, continues to expand the ambient light rejecting SilverStar Brand by launching the new SilverStar SSX. SilverStar SSX is a sleek rigid screen with a thin fixed frame formulated from Vutec's patented SilverStar technology, which allows all projectors to perform well in both bright and dark environments.

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"SilverStar SSX gives the perception of a modern appearance for today's theater enthusiast" says Michael Palmisano, Director of Marketing for Vutec. "With multi-purpose rooms becoming popular, SilverStar is a great solution for rooms with ambient light conditions offering 2D/ 3D video, vivid colors and an enhanced picture that exemplifies a true home theater." This screen is available for Active or Passive projection.

SilverStar SSX is offered in all screen formats up to 151" diagonal. No assembly is required and can be wall or ceiling mounted for a sleek appearance.

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