Published On: January 19, 2011

Wadia Bought By Fine Sounds Spa

Published On: January 19, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wadia Bought By Fine Sounds Spa

Fine Sounds Spa seems like it could be the name of an establishment with a great acoustic system in the Jacuzzi and steam rooms. Instead, it is an Italian company that is the owner of Sonus faber and Audio Research. According to TWICE. Com, Fine Sounds Spa has now acquired Wadia.

Wadia Bought By Fine Sounds Spa

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wadia_logo.gif reports that Fine Sounds Spa, an Italian company that owns Sonus faber and Audio Research, has added Wadia Digital to their line up of brands. Fine Sounds called this a "strategy of becoming a leading mult-brand player in the two-channel high-end audio sector."

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Wadia's end of the acquisition is a positive one. The company plans to use the resources of Fine Sounds to further product development and its Series 1 line of products, which currently consists of a small iPod dock, an iPad/iPod/iPhone dock, and an integrated amp that turns the docks into a desktop audio system when connected.

Also positive to report is that Wadia has no plans for staff or distribution changes with this acquisition.

Fine Sounds Spa is owned by a Milan-based private equity fund, Quadrivio. With the acquisition of Wadia, Fine Sound's revenue is more than $30 million. Quadrivio current manages funds that total more than $300 million dollars in value.

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