Published On: February 13, 2010

Wadia Finally Shipping The $1,195 151PowerDAC

Published On: February 13, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wadia Finally Shipping The $1,195 151PowerDAC

After months of delays and seemingly endless speculation the product we thought would never come to be is finally shipping. That's right, Wadia, makers of some of the finest digital gear around, have begun shipping their 151 PowerDAC.

Wadia Finally Shipping The $1,195 151PowerDAC

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WADIA-PowerDAC151.gifFulfilling its promise to bring advanced digital technologies to products that epitomize simplicity and elegance, Wadia Digital today announced it is shipping the new 151 PowerDAC mini, providing all of the conceptual purity of the original Reference PowerDAC in a package that offers the original's myriad benefits in a smaller, more cost-effective form.

Designed to both complement the highly successful 170iTransport (and upcoming 171iTranport featuring "Works with iPhone" certification), the diminutive yet powerful Wadia 151 PowerDACTM mini (SRP: $1,195) is equally at home in a full-size system as it is on a home office desktop or kitchen counter.

"The 151 PowerDAC mini is one of our most eagerly anticipated products since we first introduced 170iTransport, which only makes sense when you consider that both models are designed to provide impeccable music reproduction from a remarkably small component," said John W. Schaffer, President, Wadia Digital. "The 151 in particular is the manifestation of a long-time goal to combine flawless decoding accuracy and powerful amplification in a compact, simple to use, D-to-A converter."

The Wadia 151 takes all of the conceptual purity of the original Reference PowerDAC• and reduces these elements to their most cost effective form. It measures 2"x 8"x 8" (H/W/D); making it an ideal audio solution for modern living and work spaces.

Wadia incorporates two SPDIF digital coax inputs, one Toslink input and one USB input for easy connection with most computers and digital sources. Rated at 50 watts (4 ohms), it has the power to drive a wide selection of currently available high performance speakers.

Similar to Wadia's original Reference PowerDAC, the 151 uses proprietary Wadia DigiMaster reconstruction filter system for pristine analog-sounding reproduction. Digimaster's pline interpolation raises digital audio data rates to 384kHz for high performance conversion.

The design aesthetics of the 151 PowerDAC mini complement its sonic attributes. With an LED Backlit Display, volume control, mute, phase and input buttons on its face, the 151 is elegant in clean, elegant simplicity. An included IR remote control also operates the 170iTransport and upcoming 171iTranport.

Added Schaffer: "It's gratifying to bring our high performance audio technology to more affordable products. The PowerDAC mini allows us to connect with new customers and share our passion for music"

Wadia Digital's 151 PowerDAC mini is available in Black and Silver finishes at select high-end audio specialists and on line at

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