Published On: January 23, 2009

Wadia Upgrading Many Legacy Products In Spring 2009

Published On: January 23, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wadia Upgrading Many Legacy Products In Spring 2009

If you generally like the tech you've got but wish that it was a little bit more modernized, Wadia may have solutions for you. Beginning in spring of 2009, Wadia will bring out its new "u" upgrade input for the company's decoding computers.

Wadia Upgrading Many Legacy Products In Spring 2009

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Coming up in March of this year, Wadia will roll out the new u Upgrade input for Wadia decoding computers ("u" being an abbreviation for USB), 381 integrated CD Player, 571 CD Transport and the company's new flagship 922 Decoding Computer, all of which exemplify Wadia's ongoing commitment to unveiling all that is possible from the Compact Disc and other digital audio sources.

"These new Wadia products are destined to become benchmarks, for listeners and for Wadia Digital itself," says John W. Schaffer, President of Wadia Digital. "Whether the listener prefers an integrated player or separate drive and decoder, their music collections will be rendered with our most advanced audio retrieval techniques. The result is performance that moves the listener beyond their expectations of what Digital sound can really be like."

The new u Upgrade input for Wadia decoding computers ("u" being an abbreviation for USB) brings exciting new levels of musical realism and excitement to digital files stored on any personal computer or media server. Designed as a mezzanine board for Wadia's extensive current and legacy digital-to-analog converters (DACs), the u Upgrade (SRP: $TBD) is distinguished by a new 24-bit, 96 kHz ClockLinked input that acts as a high-resolution pipeline for data transfer from digital audio sources such as PCs, The data can then be processed through such Wadia technologies as DigiMaster• .

Wadia's new 922 Decoding Computer (SRP: $33,450.) continues the tradition of the company's 9 series, which is to establish new standards for home audio reproduction. This flagship model features no fewer than six power supplies each for digital and analog audio circuits, benefiting from Inductor Filtering and Power Factor Correction balanced power technologies devised by Wadia. The components on the main decoding circuit have been upgraded over the previous flagship, and the 922's Mono Architecture features a whopping eight D-A converters per channel.

The new Wadia 381 CD player (SRP: $6,950.) offers the same features and performance as Wadia's extraordinary 581se CD Player, minus SACD playback capability, at a more accessible retail price. Both models feature Wadia's DigiMaster• 2.5 Up-sampling Algorithm, which yields a remarkable1.4112MHz Data Rate from conventional Red Book CDs.

For listeners that prefer CD separates, Wadia's new high performance 571 CD Transport (SRP: $7,950.) features a patented clamping technology for the utmost in stability and precision with disc playback. It offers resolution enhancement that produces a 24 bit signal to the Decoding Computer for Wadia's storied digital audio retrieval. Combined with any of Wadia's Decoding Computers, the 571 provides unparalleled musical performance from CD collections.

Wadia Products Coming Later in 2009
At the recent Consumer Electronics Show, Wadia Digital offered a sneak peek at additional products that will materialize in the second half of '09.

Discriminating fans of the SACD format will be gratified to know that Wadia Digital will introduce two new CD/SACD players later in the year. Both the 971 and 981i will include a wide array of Wadia technologies that take full advantage of the SACD format's potential. Also on deck are the 121 Decoding Computer and 151 Digital Amp, both of which represent the latest step forward for Wadia's acclaimed "1" series of advanced digital audio products.

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