Published On: July 16, 2011

WallWizard Releases ControlWand Apple App to Control TV Mounts

Published On: July 16, 2011

WallWizard Releases ControlWand Apple App to Control TV Mounts

CLO Systems has created a new product for the company's WallWizard brand: the ControlWand. This new product allows user to control motorized TV mounts with their Apple devices.


CLO Systems, makes of automated flat-panel TV mounts, have delivered a new product for the Company’s WallWizard brand. ControlWand is a software application that facilitates remote control operation of WallWizard motorized mounts from Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone via Wi-Fi. Android Bluetooth device compatibility is soon to follow.

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WallWizard’s smartphone-enabled ControlWand Control System is a two-piece solution that consists of a proprietary ControlWand App available through App stores, and a Wi-Fi USB Control Module that is available from WallWizard dealers.

ControlWand allows the user to toggle among Auto, Manual and Gyro Modes, in order to set the viewing angle of the TV to the user’s preferred location.

In Auto Mode, the mount can detect whether the TV is ON, tilting the mount into its ideal viewing angle and back “home” again when powered OFF.

Manual Mode provides users the ability to control the motion of the mount by pressing on the appropriate directional arrow on the remote, setting it to the desired position where it will remain until the next adjustment.

Users can also implement Gyro Mode, where the motion of the motorized mount reacts accordingly with the motion of the handheld smartphone device by utilizing the internal accelerometer, without any additional button pushing.

Compatible with the WallWizard TA55 medium/large tilt and SA52 medium/large swivel motorized mounts, which contain a proprietary USB port for connectivity with the control system’s USB Module.

ControlWand is available now and offered at a suggested price of $149.

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