Published On: February 20, 2024

Walmart Acquires Vizio for $2.3 Billion

Published On: February 20, 2024
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Walmart Acquires Vizio for $2.3 Billion

Breaking away from its retail roots, Walmart makes a splash in the streaming market with its acquisition of Vizio, marking a strategic maneuver to diversify its revenue streams.

Walmart Acquires Vizio for $2.3 Billion

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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In an attempt to fortify its advertising arm and make inroads into the competitive streaming landscape, retail behemoth Walmart has announced its acquisition of Vizio, the renowned TV manufacturer. Valued at a substantial $2.3 billion, this move underscores Walmart's strategic pivot towards becoming a formidable force in media and advertising, mirroring similar initiatives by industry giants like Amazon.

The acquisition of Vizio, which has been in the rumor mill for some time, marks Walmart's ambitious foray into the realm of connected TV platforms. Vizio's SmartCast operating system, boasting over 18 million active accounts, presents a lucrative opportunity for Walmart to capitalize on the burgeoning streaming market and enhance its advertising revenue streams.

Seth Dallaire, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for Walmart U.S., highlighted the synergies between Walmart's existing media business, Walmart Connect, and Vizio's customer-centric operating system. “There is a lot to be excited about with this acquisition,” Dallaire said in a press release

“We believe Vizio’s customer-centric operating system provides great viewing experiences at attractive price points. We also believe it enables a profitable advertising business that is rapidly scaling. Our media business, Walmart Connect, is helping brands create meaningful connections with the millions of customers who shop with us each week. We believe the combination of these two businesses would be impactful as we redefine the intersection of retail and entertainment.”

Vizio Home Screen showing various movie and TV show titles.

Vizio's transition from a traditional TV manufacturer to an advertising-driven entity has been pivotal in attracting the attention of industry titans like Walmart. With its SmartCast OS serving as a conduit for targeted advertisements and data collection, Vizio has positioned itself as a key player in the evolving media landscape.

The acquisition of Vizio holds significant implications for Walmart's overarching strategy, as it seeks to diversify its revenue streams beyond its core retail operations. By leveraging Vizio's established presence in the streaming market, Walmart aims to tap into the growing demand for personalized advertising solutions.

William Wang, CEO of Vizio, expressed optimism about the acquisition, emphasizing the alignment of Walmart's vision with Vizio's mission. “We believe this is the ideal next chapter in VIZIO’s history. By bringing our capabilities and resources together, we’ll drive innovation and create even more value for our customers,” added William Wang, CEO of VIZIO. 

“Walmart’s approach is aligned with VIZIO’s mission and vision, and our technology will help bring a scaled, connected TV advertising platform to Walmart Connect. This transaction delivers immediate and compelling value to VIZIO stockholders and is a true testament to the hard work of the entire VIZIO team.”

Walmart's move to acquire Vizio highlights the intensifying competition in the streaming landscape, with tech giants and retail giants alike vying for a larger share of the lucrative advertising market. With Amazon leading the charge in the ad space, Walmart's strategic acquisition of Vizio signals its intent to carve out a significant presence in the evolving media ecosystem.

While the deal awaits regulatory clearance and faces the possibility of competing offers, Walmart's bold venture into the streaming arena marks a pivotal moment in its transformation into a multifaceted media conglomerate. With competition heating up in the streaming TV wars, Walmart's entry into the market signals a new era of innovation and competition in the digital entertainment landscape.

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