TabletTV Arrives in San Francisco Bay Area

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TabletTV.jpgWant to tune in and record free over-the-air broadcast TV to watch on your tablet, with no monthly subscription? If you live in the San Francisco Bay area, you can be an early adopter of TabletTV, an $89.95 kit that includes a palm-sized tuner module that communicates wirelessly with your tablet to play back content through the iOS TabletTV App (an Android app is coming soon). TabletTV is expected to roll out in major markets throughout 2015 and to add video-on-demand options, as well. Get more details at

From TabletTV
Tablet TV LLC today announced the launch of TabletTV in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes the commencement of its integrated marketing campaign and the opening of its ordering process. TabletTV is launching in partnership with San Francisco's KOFY-TV and will provide Bay Area tablet owners with free live broadcast television directly to their tablet.

TabletTV is available for order at for only $89.95. The start-up kit includes everything tablet owners need to enjoy free live broadcast television including a T-Pod unit and iOS-compatible TabletTV App, now available on the iTunes App Store. The Android compatible App is expected to be available in 2015. TabletTV will begin shipping orders as soon as possible subject to shipping and delivery schedules as determined by Amazon, who is providing fulfillment services for TabletTV.

Tablet TV LLC has launched its integrated marketing campaign, including digital and social media, and television spots all targeted in the San Francisco Bay Area market of over 7.4 million people. TV spots marketing TabletTV have started running on KOFY-TV and on the local Bay Area MeTV affiliate.

Viewers will be able to receive direct free over-the-air television transmissions to their tablet devices utilizing existing ATSC distribution. Broadcast channels include all terrestrial network and local channels available, dependent on the reception condition of the area.

TabletTV puts television a touch away for tablets with no subscription fees, cable, satellite or Internet required. This first complete broadcast TV service for the U.S. market of 110 million tablet users will enable viewers to watch and record live broadcast content across the country.

Following the launch in San Francisco, TabletTV expects to rollout to major markets across the U.S. For TabletTV users who want to view Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Subscription-Video-on-Demand (SVOD) content, this service is expected to become available in 2015 along with availability for smartphones and phablets. Stay up-to-date on the latest news at

How TabletTV Works
TabletTV is a video television service that enables the viewing of free, live, Broadcast Television channels on your tablet (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Univision, etc.). TabletTV will also enable tablet users to record broadcast television content for later viewing such as live network prime time programming, local news, major sporting events and more. These features are available without the need for cable, satellite, Internet connection or cellular phone data plan.

In addition to watching broadcast television for free on your tablet regardless of whether or not you have a pay TV subscription, Internet connection, or cellular phone data plan, you will be able to watch premium movies and TV shows on demand through TabletTV starting in 2015. TabletTV will enable internet connected viewers to access social media capabilities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

The TabletTV startup kit consists of an App that is downloaded to your tablet, a T-Pod that acts as an antenna tuner (powered by ePICT). The T-Pod connects wirelessly with the tablet and the App enables the TabletTV user to navigate Broadcast TV channels and record programs.

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