Published On: October 9, 2008

Westinghouse TX-42F430S LCD HDTV Reviewed

Published On: October 9, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Westinghouse TX-42F430S LCD HDTV Reviewed

If you're looking for an affordable way to add a 42-inch, 1080p panel to your home, consider Westinghouse's new TX-42F430S. This well-priced TV lacks 120Hz technology to reduce motion blur, but it does include four HDMI inputs and an internal subwoofer

Westinghouse TX-42F430S LCD HDTV Reviewed

By Author: Adrienne Maxwell
Adrienne Maxwell is the former Managing Editor of, Home Theater Magazine, and Adrienne has also written for Wirecutter, Home Entertainment Magazine,,, and other top specialty audio/video publications. She is an ISF Level II-certified video calibrator who specializes in reviews of flat-panel HDTVs, front video projectors, video screens, video servers, and video source devices, both disc- and streaming-based.

Westinghouse-TX-42F430S-LCD-HDTV.gifThis 42-inch LCD has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and an 8-millisecond response time. The TX-42F430S has a generous input panel, with four HDMI inputs, two component video inputs, and a PC input, all of which accept 1080p. The HDMI inputs accept both 1080p/60 and 1080p/24. A single RF input provides access to the internal NTSC, ATSC, and ClearQAM tuners, and an electronic program guide is included. Picture-in-picture functionality is not offered. The AutoSource feature switches to the correct input when you power up a source.

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Given its lower price point, this TV offers a nice assortment of image adjustments, beginning with five picture modes and three color-temperature options. Global red, green, and blue controls allow you to fine-tune the white balance. There are only three aspect-ratio options, but there is an option to display 1080i/1080p signals with no overscan.

A speaker bar runs along the bottom panel, and the cabinet also sports an internal subwoofer. The menu features eight audio modes, including a user mode that you can customize using a five-band equalizer. The TV does not offer a surround mode, but you do have the option to turn off the video/backlight and only listen to audio, if desired.

High Points
• The TX-42F430S produces an attractive high-def picture, with pleasingly natural color and excellent detail.
• Four HDMI inputs and custom white-balance controls are not a given at this price.
• Its good light output makes it a better fit for a brighter viewing environment.

Low Points
• The TV only does an average job upconverting SD sources.
• The black level is average at best, even for an entry-level panel, so the image lacks richness and saturation in a dark room.
• The viewing angle is average, and the TV displays motion blur with fast-moving images.

The TX-42F430S suffers from some common LCD issues, like a higher black level and motion blur, but it can produce an attractive image and offers a lot of input options. It's best suited for watching HD content in a brighter room.

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