Published On: October 1, 2010

Wharfedale Introduces The Diamond 10 Series

Published On: October 1, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wharfedale Introduces The Diamond 10 Series

The new Diamond 10 Series was introduced at CEDIA 2010 by Sound Import, the exclusive American distributor for Wharfedale loudspeakers. The new products include 16 bookshelf, floorstanding, center channel and surround models as well as three powered subwoofers.

Wharfedale Introduces The Diamond 10 Series

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Wharfedale_Diamond10_louspeakers.gifSound Import, exclusive U.S. distributor for the Wharfedale brand of loudspeakers, is exhibitted the Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series loudspeakers at CEDIA 2010. The new lineup of home theater and stereo speakers includes 16 bookshelf, floorstanding, center channel, and surround models, along with three powered subwoofers.

Successor to the Diamond 9 Series, Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series loudspeakers incorporate numerous refinements to achieve significantly improved sound quality, at suggested retail prices ranging from $299 to $1,299.

The woofers and midrange drivers feature woven Kevlar cones that are embossed to achieve high stiffness-to-mass. The neodymium-magnet soft-dome tweeter incorporates a metal diffusion grid which reportedly smoothes out the high-frequency response and protects the tweeter. All the drivers feature cast-aluminum frames.

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Other refinements include rear-firing twin reflex ports, polypropylene capacitors in the crossover network, internal cross bracing, bi-wire speaker terminals, high-purity-copper internal wiring, and more. Wharfedale claims the result of all this is a lineup of speakers that deliver a focused yet spacious stereo image, expansive surround sound, and clear, engaging reproduction of vocals and instruments.

Unlike many loudspeakers, all Wharfedale models are designed and built completely in-house, from their drivers and internal components to their elegantly finished cabinets.
Wharfedale Diamond 10 Series loudspeakers are available in the U.S. from July of 2010.

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