Wharfedale Opus2 Lineup Displayed At CEDIA 2010

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Wharfedale_OPUS2_speakers.gifAt CEDIA 2010, Sound Import exhibited the Wharfedale Opus2 loudspeakers, a complete range of home theater and stereo models.

The Wharfedale Opus2 lineup includes two bookshelf speakers, three floorstanding towers, two center channel speakers (one of which is wall-mountable) and two wall-mountable surround loudspeakers. Prices range from approximately $900 to $7,000 per pair.

Opus2 loudspeakers have woofers that employ either a woven carbon fiber or glass/fiberglass cone (depending on the model), while the midrange drivers utilize tri-laminated cone material. Wharfedale claims that the Opus2 midrange driver is capable of reproducing the complete range of the human voice. This driver is mounted in a die-cast aluminum housing that provides partial horn loading. The soft-dome Opus2 tweeter features a copper-coated aluminum voice coil, and a rear housing that attempts to acoustically isolate the tweeter, for smooth yet fast and detailed high-frequency response to beyond 50kHz.

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All Opus2 drivers are produced in matched pairs within a less than 1dB tolerance across their entire range reportedly. All the drivers are closely matched to their enclosures. As a result, crossovers with a minimum of parts can be used, resulting in better phase linearity and smoother frequency response over a wider listening area. The loudspeakers' measured frequency response is allegedly very flat, yielding outstanding tonal accuracy.

Unlike many loudspeakers, Wharfedale Opus2 models are designed and built completely in-house, from their drivers and internal components to their cabinets. This vertical integration enables Wharfedale to have complete design and quality control over every aspect of every loudspeaker. In addition, the company can employ materials and techniques that are unavailable to other companies.

Wharfedale Opus2 loudspeakers are now available in the U.S.

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