Published On: May 11, 2022

What Does Music Mixed on Focal Speakers Sound Like?

Published On: May 11, 2022
Last Updated on: May 12, 2022
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What Does Music Mixed on Focal Speakers Sound Like?

Close the loop between studio and home listener by listening to mixed on Focal tracks using Focal gear

What Does Music Mixed on Focal Speakers Sound Like?

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Focal is a speaker brand that creates for both consumers and professionals. The company has complete lines of speakers aimed at creating great sound in your home as well as monitors used in studios for mixing and mastering. Which begs the question, what does music mixed on Focal speakers sound like?

The short answer is that it sounds the way the artist intended it to sound, that being the goal of any good studio and monitoring setup. But you can't always achieve that goal unless your tools are up to the task. The longer and more fun answer to the question is provided by Focal. In 2020, the company created the first "Mixed on Focal" playlist and the company has just released number three in the series.

This new playlist features tracks from the following artists: John Legend, Logic, Diplo, AWOLNATION, The Tiarras, Ryan Shaw, Gregor Barnett, Movements, David Solomon, Grace McKegan, Kito & BROODS, Miguel, Aluna, Durante, Polina, Roman Candles, Selin, Sundressed, Sydney Sprague, Gaidaa, and Yung YuNo. Furthermore, Focal states that it will add additional artists and tracks to the playlist in the near future.

“Mixed on Focal playlists are collections of songs that engineers mixed on their Focal Professional monitors, this creates a perfect way to show off the incredible sound of Focal speakers. Listeners dream about hearing the best representation of music, just as it was recorded and mixed, how it sounded in the studio for the artist, producer, and record label. Now we offer them a way to hear the music by listening on Focal speakers with ‘Mixed on Focal’ high-resolution streaming playlists.”

Romain Vet, VP of Marketing & Communications, Focal Naim America

“Mixed on Focal” Playlist #3 Links


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