Published On: August 10, 2012

What Readers Are Saying About - Week of August 10th, 2012

Published On: August 10, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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What Readers Are Saying About - Week of August 10th, 2012

This week saw a lot of heated debate about's articles, both on the website and off, with our readers talking about many topics that they clearly feel strongly about.

What Readers Are Saying About - Week of August 10th, 2012

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Audiophile-Review-logo-225.jpgThis week there were plenty of comments being made by readers on articles from and its sister site,

Readers responded to Steven Stone's article "Is It Time To Retire The Term Mid-Fi?" on Audiophile Review, which explained the use and misuse of the term mid-fi and why it may be an antiquated and irrelevant term in modern times.

The LoudSpeaker Store commented in the article's comment section: "Agreed that 'Mid-fi' is used as an insult by audiophile snobs to denigrate lesser systems. But most of my clients would agree that their systems are capable of reproducing music with 'high-fidelity' quality even if another finds the sound grating and unlistenable. Afterall - once you get your system installed, you're not going to spend time switching out gear to compare (unless you're a reviewer) against your own - you're going to spend your time listening to MUSIC! Hi-fi is in the ear of the beholder - it either sounds good or it doesn't."

Jack Shafton contested Steven's article: "I agree that the mid-fi components have gotten better, in many cases MUCH better, but I don't agree that this makes the term obsolete. The 'better' products sold by mass merchants (big box, online, direct to consumer, whatever) is still mid-fi compared to the products being sold at the 'brick and mortar' a/v specialty shops. Even at equal dollars, my experience is the specialty shop can put together something that is absolutely better sounding - yes, making it hi-fi, not mid-fi. Still works for me."

htr-logo-225.jpgA lot of debate came from "Do Home Theaters Actually Help Sell Homes In Today's Real Estate Market?" on Jerry Del Colliano's editorial investigated whether a dedicated theater adds value to a home, consulting several real estate agents to get answers. However these answers didn't satisfy many of those in the article's comment section.

John Crosbie commented: " are off base! Over the last decade, more people have gravitated to multi-use media rooms instead of dedicated theaters. I've read many a post on AVS or other forums where people say they end up using their media room more than the theater in another part of the house."

Warrior CIO seemed to feel similarly: "I've heard of people having more success recouping their investment if the room is setup more as a family/media room, than a dedicated home theater. Unless the nest buyer wants to have a room exclusively dedicated for movie watching you'll probably lose some of your investment."

However, Dave's thoughts were more in line with statements from the article: "I'm not in the real estate business, but a home theater is not going to add to the value of the home, you certainly won't get out of it what you put in, but it will make a house easier to sell."

best_buy_brand_page_logo.pngMeanwhile, the Home Theater Review Facebook page lit up with the news that "Dick Schulze Attempts to Buy Out Best Buy."

Daniel Chaves was pleased with the news: "Good over the last decade they have really lost focus and los what made their company so great to shop at, I hope they can turn it around, we need more competition we can't keep losing stores."

Steve Jackson commented: "...I give credit to Mr. Schulze for wanting to take his baby back and a willingness to go after the deal in order to get it done more quickly (potentially for a bargain price). Losing them would mean leaving many communities with nothing but WalMart and High End - that leaves a large void for a large piece of the market. I really hope that he is successful."

But not everyone was happy. Jimmie Burns proclaimed: "Best Buy sucks anyway. Hhgregg will take them out. Their prices are awful. And their installers know nothing."

As always, this is just a part of the conversation. Please join in! We always want to hear what our readers think. Be it positive or negative, add your voice to the conversation.

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