Published On: September 1, 2012

What Readers Are Saying About - Week of September 1st, 2012

Published On: September 1, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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What Readers Are Saying About - Week of September 1st, 2012

Readers on and discussed the merits of a new approach to making feature films and the practice of carrying around ear plugs with you where ever you go.

What Readers Are Saying About - Week of September 1st, 2012

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Complete-Viewer-Experience-filmmaking-Elephant.jpgAs usual, Home Theater Review readers have not been afraid to weigh in on the articles we publish. Andrew Robinson's article "The Complete View Experience - How I Plan to Make My Next Film With Home Theater Equipment and You" about how he plans go about making a feature film in a brand new way drew some attention from readers.

Some were fascinated by Robinson's plan to use consumer products in the production of a feature film, like "Best of Luck with both your film and your 'Experiment' in the making of it (and the documentary about the Experiment making the film with Consumer Equipment). I look forward to catching up with all of it."

Others thought perhaps Andrew's Experiment was misguided. Commenter vic said: "I wonder what pro speakers sucks so bad you needed to use consumer B&W's? The fact the B&W's sounded better was more then likely due to the fact they were better built and engineered speakers then the obviously cheep 'pro' loudspeakers. Just because a loudspeaker is deemed pro grade doesn't mean much."

Andrew Robinson had responses and clarifications about his process for the commenters. Head to the article to read those.

plugs2.jpgSteven Stone kept the discussion going on with his article "Don't Leave Home Without Them." In the article, Steven extolled the virtues of always carrying a pair of ear plugs with you, which lead to a surprising amount of discussion with many users sharing their own personal experiences.

John Langdon commented: "In my 60 years on the planet, I spent almost 7 years as a helicopter crew chief, and have attended more than 500 concerts, mostly Rock shows. Between the turbine engines and the loud concerts, I'd be deaf by now, but I've been wearing earplugs that look very similar to those pictured in your article almost from the beginning, and I would never go near any loud noise without them. I agree most heartily with your recommendations."

Frans Keylard shared his experience: "I attend many live concerts and never leave home without my custom musician plugs. A qualified Audiologist took ear mold impressions and made perfectly fitting ear plugs for me. I have multiple sound filters for different dB levels, but I find the 15dB filters to be the most versatile."

Steven Stone had some insight into Frans Keylard's comment. Check it out on the article page.

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