Published On: December 28, 2021

Will Amazon Prime Video Have 8K Streaming in 2022?

Published On: December 28, 2021
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Will Amazon Prime Video Have 8K Streaming in 2022?

8K is already here, on TVs anyhow. But what about content? Recent news offers a hint at what may be coming.

Will Amazon Prime Video Have 8K Streaming in 2022?

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As more and more 8K TVs are sold, inevitably interest in serving that market will turn into concrete action. It is reasonable to think that CES 2022 will be full of 8K related to TV news. And while it's not making headlines around the world, the news that I find interesting is now Amazon Prime Video has joined the 8K Association.

This tidbit, in and of itself, does not mean Amazon Prime Video will imminently offer 8K streaming, it's just my guess that it’s a logical step for the service. At CES 2022, TCL is expected to unveil an 8K streaming service for its TVs, and it just feels like the time has come for an inevitable move to 8K streaming.

So for now, we can only speculate on Amazon's plans. However, considering Amazon’s eager and early adoption of high-quality streaming video formats including 4K HDR and Dolby Vision, it would not be a big surprise if we see the company take on 8K as well.

There's nothing else to report at this time, but with CES 2022 just a week away, HTR will follow developments in the 8K space with keen interest, so "stay tuned," as they used to say.

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