Wilson Audio To Release New "Sasha WP" Speaker System

Published On: April 27, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Wilson Audio To Release New "Sasha WP" Speaker System

Everything old is new again. Well, not quite, but Wilson Audio's Sasha WP speaker system bears a conceptual resemblance to the original design for the beloved 1985 Wilson WATT. A teaser trailer for the Sasha WP is now available on the Wilson website.

Wilson Audio To Release New "Sasha WP" Speaker System

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Wilson Audio just released a teaser video on their website (WilsonAudio.com) showing their newest speaker system called the Wilson Audio Sasha WP. The new speaker, in concept, is somewhat of a throwback to the original 1985 monitor design of the Wilson WATT which was David Wilson's reference monitor for his recordings at the time. The Wilson WATT (along with the separate Puppy speaker) is considered the single most successful, highest selling high end audio speaker ever.

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The Wilson Sasha WP is reportedly designed to be a full range speaker in a two piece chassis that fits in Wilson's lofty line of speakers closer to the legendary WATT Puppy Version 8 than the Sophia. The Wilson WATT Puppy version 8 have been lowered in retail price from nearly $30,000 to $22,500 per pair and remain current in the Wilson lineup.

While the philosophy of the Sasha WP is throwback - its engineering is anything but retro. The full range speaker will have trickle-down technology from The $65,000 Wilson MAXX3 speaker system, updated industrial design, midrange drivers from the top of the line Wilson Alexandria and more. The Wilson Sasha WP will come, like all Wilson speakers, with their incredible finishes and is built in about the most inert, sonically neutral cabinets in all of high end audio loudspeakers.

There is no price posted for the Wilson Sasha WP. Some dealers are taking preorders as the speaker is to ship some time late in the spring of 2009.

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